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Louie London - An extraordinary journey through Paris and New Orleans

Step into the world of Louie London and prepare to be transported on a soulful journey through Parisian elegance intertwined with the vibrant spirit of New Orleans. Nestled in a historic 19th-century townhouse at 15 West Street, right in the heart of Covent Garden, Louie London beckons guests with its seductive allure and concealed elegance.

At the heart of Louie's ethos lies a rich tapestry of history and inspiration. Named in homage to Louis XIV and Louis Armstrong, the Sun King and the jazz legend respectively, Louie embodies the fusion of French flair and New Orleans charm. Inspired by the allure of both cities, Louie's founder, Guillaume Glipa, envisioned a space where every element - from the food to music, design, and hospitality - would come together to create a cinematic experience for guests. With its neutral-toned interiors, cosy nooks, and authentic decor, Louie invites you to step into a world where every moment is a celebration of life's joys.

As you step through the doors, you're greeted by the buzzing heartbeat of Louie - the restaurant. Spanning across two levels, the ground floor sets the stage with its brasserie charm, complete with a curved oyster bar. Ascend to the first floor, and you're enveloped in opulence, surrounded by plush velvet pews in an intimate dining room setting. Led by the culinary maestro, executive chef Geanina Rugina, the menu tantalises with classic French gastronomy infused with the zest of New Orleans. New dishes include Oyster Po’boy, Rainbow trout carpaccio, Maryland corn & white crab cake, Stonebass bouillabaisse, Louie’s beans & rice BBQ shrimps, Truffle cauliflower florets, Smoked rack of lamb, Asparagus & fennel salad and Vegan shrimp Creole risotto.]


After enjoying a delicious dinner, to our surprise, something was waiting for us upstairs.... the crown jewel of Louie - the Alligator Bar. Here, conviviality reigns supreme as guests indulge in expertly crafted cocktails from a menu paying homage to the Prohibition era. But the true magic unfolds with the live music that fills the air, a testament to Louie's commitment to musical excellence. From jazz to soul, funk, and disco, the Alligator Bar serves as a stage for the most talented artists from around the world. Whether it's Tuesday Jazz nights, Wednesday Soul sessions, or Thursday's celebration of rhythm, every visit promises a musical experience like no other.

A visit to Louie London is a soulful journey through the rich tapestry of French and New Orleans culture. From gastronomic delights to lively live music nights, Louie offers an extraordinary escape from the ordinary, inviting you to immerse yourself in a world of seduction, elegance, and electric atmosphere.



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