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Back to the Future! Mourad Mazouz opens Mo Diner

Mourad Mazouz, the world renowned Algerian restaurateur behind the likes of cultural institutions sketch, Momo, Derrière and more, has unveiled a brand new dining experience in London’s Heddon Street, Mo Diner.

A classic take on the 1930s diner, Mo Diner is a centre-point between the culinary delights of the Mediterranean and the sun kissed energy of the traditional 1930’s Los Angeles diner culture. Upon reading an article in the New York Times that the old model of a classic American Diner was beginning to die out, Mourad decided to revolutionise the US bistro blueprint with his own unique vision.

Mourad comments ‘Never being one for satisfaction, I have to admit that this time I like this baby, it looks, feels and tastes the way I envisioned it.’

Mourad designed the interiors himself enlisting the assistance of artists for specific elements. For the interior design, Mourad covered the ceiling with palm tree-lined lightboxes, the space with maroon traditional diner-style booths and the floor with acid yellow Moroccan tiles. The terrace features furniture from Swedish designers Gasens Lada Utemobler and greets you inside, carrying you through the space to the coveted conservatory located at the back of the restaurant, washed with natural light and filled with various species of hanging plants.

Mo Diner marries heritage in a way that represents Mourad’s passion for travel and position as an intrinsic part of numerous cultures around the world. He assigned LA-based creative agency WP&A for the art direction of the diner’s paper placemats, plates, mugs, menus, logo and so much more. Agency partners Willo Perron and Brian Roettinger brought Mourad’s ideas to life in unconventional ways with nods to pop culture, resulting in the iconic visual identity it has today.

NYC-based arts documentary photographer Hugo Scott contributed 50 framed works to adorn the walls and French Chinese artist Yue Wu left his own mark on the diner, providing a 360 degree galaxy of hand-drawn artworks to the staircase.

The diner’s own merchandise will be created exclusively in collaboration with designers and available from the ‘Mo Mart’ next to the bar.

Under the helm of Michelin starred chef Éric Chavot, the menu spans the day from 12-10pm including Soup & Salads, Vegetables, Meat, Fish and Desserts.

The drinks list leans to the old school diner experience with milkshakes, smoothies and alcoholic hard shakes, and Mo Diner organic beer. The bill comes with a ‘Mo Lotto’ scratch card where a winner will be able to walk out leaving the bill on the table unpaid.

Mo Diner

23 Heddon St, London, W1

T: 020 7434 4040


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