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Award-winning cocktail bars in Singapore

Singapore’s nightlife and cocktail scene is vibrant and eclectic. Four of Singapore’s cocktail bars are on the current World’s 50 Best Bars list (Atlas, Jigger & Pony; Manhattan; and Native) and 12 on Asia’s 50 Best Bars. Some of Singapore’s best bars to enjoy a G&T with a local twist when the time is right are:

Atlas (#4 World’s 50 Best Bars and #7 Asia’s 50 Best Bars)

If Jay Gatsby owned a watering hole, it’d probably look like Atlas. Decked out with gold-plated statues and a 15-metre-tall Gin Tower – as high as three storeys – this bar holds the largest number of gins in the world, with over 1,000 labels to choose from.

Jigger and Pony (#9 World’s 50 Best Bars and #2 Asia’s 50 Best Bars)

Jigger and Pony pays tribute to the art of concocting cocktails, which employed measuring devices known as “jiggers” or “ponies” back in the day. Despite its hat tip to tradition, future visitors will find plenty of innovation here, including various reinterpretations of classic cocktails. Peruse their beautifully-designed menu (made to look like a lifestyle magazine) to discover subtle new twists on favourites like The Old Fashioned.

Manhattan (#14 World’s 50 Best Bars and #6 Asia’s 50 Best Bars)

Manhattan is an opulent establishment whose décor hearkens back to 19th-century New York, and its tipples are like time capsules containing storied memories of the past. Its cocktails are inspired by significant epochs in New York’s history, and will take visitors on a gustatory trip back in time.

Native (#18 World’s 50 Best Bars and #14 Asia’s 50 Best Bars)

Helmed by the inimitable bartender Vijay Mudaliar, Native will take your taste buds on a tour of Asia. Its string of ingenious cocktails are crafted with ingredients and alcohol from the region. Be sure to sample its Yellow Buddha Palm gin, an in-house maceration of high quality produce using 4 botanicals - best enjoyed on the rocks over ice.


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