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What is Ampoule Cosmetics and what is its superpower?

Ampoule cosmetics are expensive and very difficult to use. If you open it incorrectly, you can get hurt, and if you use it too often, you can damage the skin. So is it worth buying this demanding product and will it replace a mask, serum, or cream?

What Is Ampoule Cosmetics

Ampoule products first appeared in 1989. They were developed by the Spanish brand of dermatological cosmetics MartiDerm. The small-volume ampoules contained concentrates to combat the signs of skin ageing, irregular pigmentation, dullness and wilting. Until this moment, ampoules were used exclusively in medicine, but thanks to the development of the brand, they entered the beauty market.

The main active ingredients of the new format of cosmetics were small molecules of proteoglycans and a well-known antioxidant - vitamin C. Working together, they improved metabolism in the skin and restored and rejuvenated tissues. In a short time, they had a noticeable effect, which made ampoules a popular beauty product.

The ampoules are designed to solve skin problems that cannot be treated with conventional care products. Due to the high concentration of active substances, they really do what you expect from them. Intensively moisturize the skin, fight pigment spots or rashes, etc.

An important difference between ampoule cosmetics and other products is that it is used in courses and has a cumulative effect. You should not use it on a regular basis, as it can cause harm.

What Are Ampoule Products?

If initially ampoules by components were intended for professional care, now many brands produce ampoules for home use. These are products for the face and scalp. The ampoule format allows you to accurately dose the amount of product.

The contents of the ampoule are designed for 1-2 uses per day. Due to this, the contents of the open ampoule do not have time to oxidize. This is especially true for vitamin serums since vitamins are poorly stabilised and quickly oxidize - especially vitamin C (ascorbic acid), B vitamins, and vitamin A (retinyl palmitate). A one- or two-use ampoule is a great way to preserve the beneficial properties of the product.

How Do Cosmetics In Ampoules Differ from Serums?

In terms of composition, ampoule cosmetics, like serums, are a concentrate. But they have important differences with serums.

Ampoules are usually made from glass or a special plastic. Thanks to this, the formula of the product is reliably protected from the effects of external negative factors (oxygen, sunlight and heat). This allows you to create cosmetics with fewer preservatives and other chemicals needed to stabilize the product formula. In addition, ampoules are more concentrated compared to serums.

Many serums are intended for daily use, while ampoule cosmetics should be used in courses. They contain concentrates, that is, serums with the maximum amount of active ingredients.

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How to Choose Ampoules By Composition

Each beauty ampoule is a ready-made formula of active ingredients in an ideal ratio. At the same time, the main active ingredients, thanks to vacuum packaging, retain a stable chemical formula for a long time. When choosing ampoules, you need to pay attention to their purpose and list of ingredients.

The composition of the concentrates will depend on what problems they are intended to solve. These may be age-related changes, swelling, inflammation, rosacea, pigmentation and other imperfections. Therefore, ampoule cosmetics are very diverse.

Ampoule Hair Cosmetics

Although it seems that there are many ampoule products for hair, they can be divided into several groups.

For hair growth. They stimulate blood circulation in the scalp, “wake up” dormant follicles and accelerate the growth of strands. Active ingredients: nicotinic acid, aloe juice, caffeine, stemoxidine, aminexil, black pepper extract, capsaicin.

To restore strands. These ampoules are ideal for hair care after numerous dyes, perms, and aggressive care. Contains B vitamins, keratin, protein, natural oils, and peptides.

To strengthen and moisturize. Improves the condition of strands, making them more well-groomed. The effect is achieved due to the content of hyaluronic acid, collagen, vitamins and plant extracts.

Ampoule Cosmetics for Skin

It cares not only for the face but also for the body. For example, the skin of the neck or décolleté area. The composition depends on the purpose of the ampoules.

To combat pigmentation. The main active ingredient is often vitamin C. A 2019 study published in the Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology showed its effectiveness in eliminating age spots and brightening the skin. In addition, vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant and fighter for youth and healthy skin.

To strengthen the skin's protective barrier. Korean beauty ampoules often include the ingredient cica (aka centella asiatica). This substance is guaranteed to soothe the skin and increase its protective functions. Other effective substances are snail mucin, niacinamide, witch hazel extract, proteoglycans, and panthenol. Such ampoules are used for hypersensitive skin and for its speedy recovery after peelings and laser procedures.

To combat excessive oily skin. To reduce excessive activity of the sebaceous glands and shrink pores, it is most effective to use ampoules with a high concentration of niacinamide (vitamin B3).

For intense hydration and lifting effect. Ampoules with hyaluronic acid, ceramides, peptides, lactic acid, adenosine, and lycopene give good results.

To combat acne. Such ampoules not only soothe irritated skin but also prevent the appearance of new rashes. Contains vitamin C, tea tree oil, propolis, bee venom, and azelaic acid.

How to Use Ampoule Cosmetics

To obtain maximum effect, cosmetics should be applied to previously cleansed, dry skin of the face, body or scalp. However, there are products that require use on damp skin; be sure to read the label.

It is better to “seal” facial products with cream or other moisturizing care - the effect will be more pronounced. But another product should be applied only after the concentrate has been completely absorbed.

To increase the effectiveness of ampoule cosmetics, use it in combination with beauty gadgets - Gua Sha scrapers, massage rollers, and meso scooters. They increase blood flow and promote better penetration of active substances.


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