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This Is Silk – the luxury skin and hair saviour

People are waking up to the amazing health and beauty benefits of natural silk. Yes, silk is the ultimate luxury product - but it also does wonders for skin and hair.

Using silk cleansing cloths, pillowcases, towels, hair wraps, eye and face masks prevents harmful friction caused by cotton, regulates body heat, keeps oils and moisturisers on the skin and hair and prevents fine lines, ageing, hair breakage and frizz. It is breathable, eco-friendly and looks and feels beautiful.

Founder of This Is Silk, Sonal Keay suffers with a rare, sensitive skin condition and high quality silk is the only thing that soothes it. She left her career as a barrister to develop the finest 22 momme, sustainably produced 100% mulberry silk products to help others find solutions to sensitive skin, thinning hair and restless sleep.

Silk is very similar to our skin and the amino acids soothe and nourish our skin, preventing friction and ageing. It's also very popular with people with thinning hair. Cotton snags hair and prevents regrowth - silk actively encourages hair growth.

Sonal said: “When people start sleeping on silk, they always say they wish they had started doing so sooner. The results literally happen overnight, with skin feeling soothed and hair shiny, fresh and smooth.”

Sonal wanted to recreate the old-fashioned, thick and lustrous silk she remembers from her childhood, not the thin and flimsy fabric we see on the High Street. This Is Silk uses 22 momme weight of silk. This is heavier than most silk on the market and the superior grade means it is more lustrous, more durable and machine-washable. This Is Silk’s award winning products soothe and nourish skin and hair, are sustainably produced and biodegradable.

Sonal said: “Face masks are very much part of our daily wardrobe these days, and has caused us to think more about the materials we keep close to our skin. Silk not only feels and looks special, it actively nourishes and protects skin rather than irritating it like many masks do – leading to dreaded ‘maskne’.”

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