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The Coral Room - The perfect spot to enjoy festive cocktails

One of London’s most vibrant and beautiful bars, housed within the stunning Grade II listed building of The Bloomsbury hotel, unveils its special limited-edition cocktail menu - ‘A Very Coral Christmas.’ This collection of festive drinks is a celebration of the team’s fondest Christmas memories, each sip a nostalgic homage to their most cherished moments.

David’s Memory…


Reposado Casamigos, Mr Black Liqueur, coffee and tiramisu foam

Head Bartender David fondly remembers the smell of his mum's famous Tiramisu - a decadent dessert that was always the star of their Christmas table back in his hometown of Genoa. So,with a mischievous grin, he created a cocktail combining the rich flavors of coffee and chocolate, topped with a dollop of whipped tiramisu cream and a sprinkle of cocoa powder.

Tyriq’s Memory…

Mom's Favourite

Bourbon, lemon, vanilla, Lillet Blanc and lemon curd

On a mission to bring a sunny slice of Bermuda to his new home here at The Bloomsbury, Tyriq set out to create a crowd-pleasing cocktail that he could share with friends and family – old and new. With a warming dash of vanilla and zesty lemon tang, he conjured up memories of white sandy beaches and salty sea breezes, reminiscent of his beloved Christmas Day back home.

Mihai’s Memory…


Reposado Casamigos, condensed milk, espresso coffee, egg yolk, nutmeg and cinnamon

Mihai was transported back to his childhood in Romania, tingling with the memory of his grandma's scrumptious dessert. That twinkle in his eye only grew brighter as he concocted a sublime cocktail, fusing flavours of nutmeg and cinnamon with a smooth Casamigos tequila. With every sip, Mihai felt like he was reliving his fondest childhood memories, and he couldn't wait to share this special drink with you.

John’s Memory…

Pan De Ton

Talisker single malt Scotch whiskey, Grand Mariner, Prosecco cordial

Growing up in Ecuador before moving to Italy and eventually to London, John’s childhood was a melting pot of cultures and Christmas traditions. But the one thing that remained the same was the love and warmth of those around him. So, on a mission to spread joy and cheer, he combined his favourite festive flavours - panettone and Prosecco – creating a cocktail brimming with nostalgia and instantly transporting him to a table full of the love and laughter of his family.

Giovanni’s Memory…

Babbo Caffe Corretto

Ciroc Vodka, Espresso, Grappa Tradizionale Nonino, Roasted Macadamia Liqueur

General Manager Giovanni, shared tales of Christmases spent back in Italy and the cherished family traditions which he holds so dearly. His latest concoction, Babbo Caffe Corretto, recreates the scent of his mum's caffettiera filling the house on Christmas morning, to which his father would always sneak in a splash of grappa. A merry tradition he now shares with his own family here in London – and with each of you.

Marie’s Memory…

Truffle Mary

Truffle-infused Casamigos Mezcal, clarified tomato and French cheese

Marie's mind wandered to a time when her mother would arrive home with a treasure trove of truffles - a classic French delicacy so special that they saved them for their favourite night of the year, Christmas Eve. And voilà! It felt only fitting to combine her favourite festive ingredient with a classic Bloody Mary. In no time at all, the Truffle Mary was born!

The Coral Room

16-22 Great Russell St, London WC1B 3NN




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