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The Big Silk - the secret to gorgeous hair and glowing skin

The Big Silk - beautiful time saving silk accessories designed to speed up your beauty routine and achieve that effortless low maintenance high quality glow-up.

Launched in lockdown, The Big Silk is a collection of affordable silk saviour accessories to boost your beauty game and enhance that low-maintenance regime to ensure you always look and feel your best. Having only launched 6 months ago, the brand has already garnered a celebrity following including Vanessa Hudgens and the cast of Bridgeton.

Made from Grade A 100% mulberry silk, The Big Silk’s collection includes sumptuous silk pillowcases to ensure your blow dry is kept intact overnight, silk face masks to fight ‘maskne’ and the perfect silk scrunchie – the every-day problem solving products for the modern woman. The stunning silk products come in a range of different colours to suit skin tones, styles and mood – champagne, pink and black.

The most recent product launch is black silk pillowcases specifically designed to maintain your fake tan and achieve that sun-kissed glow without ruining the bedsheets.

Abigail Benton, Founder of The Big Silk said: “The Big Silk was born from my lifelong need to speed up my morning beauty routine, and to be kinder to my hair and skin in the process.

Like most women, I’ve always found the low-maintenance, high-quality glow up that my schedule demands to be a struggle. The Big Silk was born; cue beautifully silk scrunchies with the perfect hold and silk pillowcases that are specially designed to protect your blow-dry, hair and eyelash extensions and your skincare regime.

To every modern woman out there – the go-getter, the trend-setter, the beauty queen, the wonder-mum and everything else in between – I truly hope you enjoy these little luxuries.”

  • The Face Mask: RRP £16.90

    • Naturally hypoallergenic masks ideal for prolonged wear. Silk has the added benefits of preventing ‘maskne’.

  • The Silk Pillowcase: RRP £49

    • To achieve glossier locks, hypo-allergenic, prevents bedhead, locks in lotions, anti-ageing and protects hair & eyelash extensions

  • Silk Scrunchies, skinny medium and large: RRP £15

    • Non-slip, best hold, non-snag, hair extension friendly and looks good on your wrist

  • Beauty Band: RRP £29

    • Perfect for keeping flyaways at bay during your beauty routine, fights hairline frizz, non-slip, frizz free, self-tan friendly and travel companion


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