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Skin Laundry - Set a 30-minute cycle for glowing skin

Pioneering skincare brand behind the cult laser facial, Skin Laundry has opened its second store and clinic in the heart of Chelsea. Joining their original stand-alone space located on iconic Carnaby Street, the brand seeks to merge advanced laser technology with performance-led skincare formulations and treatments, sharing their knowledge of what it takes to achieve healthy, radiant skin. I was super-excited to be one of the first to visit the new clinic and experience their signature laser facial.

The signature laser facial uses technology and medical-grade lasers to rejuvenate skin cells, boost collagen production and improve clarity for transformative results in under 30 minutes – and with zero downtime! Having heard and read amazing things, I definitely needed to see the results for myself and booked the earliest appointment I could get.

Located just off of the King's Road, I entered through a discreet side-door and walked up a flight of stairs leading into their airy and bright reception. The friendly receptionist Matic explained the procedure, the usual forms were completed and signed and he escorted me upstairs to the treatment room. Here my absolutely lovely therapist Valdone advised that I remove my makeup from the day and proceeded to analyse my skin. Her friendly and engaging manner was reassuring as she queried my skin concerns before taking a quick photo of my face before she began the treatment. Having quite sensitive skin I was a bit concerned as to how my skin would react but she ensured the procedure was safe and painless and put my mind at ease. As she moved the laser around my skin I felt a little bit of tingling like tiny electric shocks but the whole procedure was entirely painless and very quick!

Post-procedure my skin was a little red but overall looked fresher and brighter. As we all know consistency is key so ideally one should have the treatment every two weeks to maintain that healthy glow and thus the store operates a Laundry Club membership scheme to help customers achieve the best results possible. Packages start at £125 per month and offer a discount across all treatments, products, and enhancements. The top tier membership, Rejuvenate, gives subscribers 35% off all products, access to up to 3 treatments per month and can also be shared with a partner or a friend. As I walked down the King's Road back towards our office, I felt I had an extra bounce in my step as I knew my skin was looking radiant which gave me an extra boost of confidence. Skin Laundry offers guests a 'gentle cycle' of pampering using cutting-edge technology for healthier, happier and fresher skin - I loved it!

Treatments available:

  • The Signature Laser Facial (£250) utilises a YAG laser which bypasses the surface and penetrates deep into the skin and helps to aid skin discolouration, minimises redness, and stimulates collagen to make skin healthier and more resilient.

  • The Thermo Fractional Facial (£300) employs a brand-new fractional heat device that gently removes damaged skin and minimises the appearance of discolouration, fine lines and wrinkles to improve overall skin tone and texture. Unique to this treatment is the production of microchannels it generates on the top layer of the skin which allows 90% of Skin Laundry’s customised medical-grade serums to be absorbed.

  • The Carbon Laser Facial (£300) combines Skin Laundry’s own formula Carbon lotion with the Signature Laser facial to exfoliate and deep clean the skin. Ideal for oily or acne prone skin, the treatment leaves individual with extra glowing skin.

  • The Ultra Duo Laser Facial (£700) adopts both the powerhouse laser and heat devices within the treatment to ensure all layers of the skin are targeted as well as working on the neck and chest. Their strongest, most effective treatment, will help you achieve younger looking skin – faster.

The new opening also sees Skin Laundry introduce a brand new collection of pioneering products which will be available to buy online and in store. The new range consists of 8 new additions to Skin Landry's high-efficiency and low maintenance product line including Vitamin A Serum (£55) , Tranexamic Acid Serum (£55), Hyaluronic Acid + Niacinamide Serum (£50) , Brightening Serum with Glycolic Acid (£50), Vitamin B5 Antioxidant Moisturiser (£25), Renewing Eye Cream (£27), Micellar Cleansing Cloths (£12) and a Cleansing Balm (£25). The simplified skincare line of highly effective essentials aims to help everyone achieve radiant, smooth, glowing “just laundered” skin at home.


69A Kings Road


Tues - Sat 11am - 8pm


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