Sensismooth - a spa experience at home!

Leading at-home aesthetic device expert, Sensica, has unveiled its new, revolutionary new device, Sensismooth. It has been uniquely designed to combine multiple treatment programmes in one at-home spa device to target both the face and body. Created by leading professionals, Sensismooth incorporates multi-adaptive technology that can be utilised for effective facial cleansing, gentle face and body exfoliation, and rejuvenating pedicure treatments, using Sensica’s patented Adapt2U™ pads, making it easy to target hard to reach areas such as elbow, knees, and ankles.

With the ability to adapt to your body’s natural curves thanks to Sensica’s patented Adapt2U™ Technology, Sensismooth is the only device that can ensure a uniform treatment, even on trickier areas of the body. Each Adapt2U™ pad is filled with air, making them supple and adaptable to your body, moving dynamically and multi-dimensionally to create a more even, thorough, and personalised treatment for visible results.

Sensismooth is safe and easy to use as it is pressure sensitive so if you apply too much pressure, you will not be harming your skin as the device will automatically pause until pressure is eased. Simple to use and highly effective, this one device can be used to carry out three different beauty treatments in the comfort of your home. Fully waterproof and rechargeable with a long-lasting battery life, the device is easily incorporated into your daily regime to deliver maximum results.

Sensismooth’s treatment protocols

  • Cleansing Treatment – gently cleanse your pores without abrasion, removing make-up residue and daily build up. Simply wet the Adapt 2U™ pad with a cleaning solution and apply the Sensismooth to your face in circular motions. The cleanse pad is soft on skin whilst still removing excess oils and leftover make-up, leaving you with a smooth and radiant complexion.

  • Pedicure Treatment – revitalise your feet and remove rough, dry, and calloused skin from feet and heels to reveal amazingly smooth and supple skin. Apply Sensismooth on clean and dry feet and let the Adapt 2U™ pad glide over the areas you want to treat for results within minutes.

  • Body Exfoliation Treatment – smooth and rejuvenate every inch of your skin by enhancing blood circulation and increasing absorption of skincare products, leaving you with smooth and instantly hydrated skin. Simply add the Adapt 2U™ pad and apply Sensismooth on clean and dry skin in either circular or back and forth motions. For long-lasting results, hydrate the body with a water-based lotion after treatment.