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Savor - New vegan wine brand you need to try this summer

Savor is a cool new design-led vegan wine brand that merges some of the best things in life - wine, food and travel - to create a new immersive way of experiencing wine.

Designed to help you ‘travel’ through wine, Savor offers localised recipes and curated music playlists that specifically pair with each wine’s country of origin via the QR code on the bottle. The idea is to help transport people through taste buds and music, anytime, anywhere.

The wines are vegan and ethically made in the wine capitals of the Old World: France, Italy and Spain. They have been selected based on their unique taste and pairing compatibility with specially crafted, local recipes that are suitable for a range of dietary requirements. You’ll taste the process on your palate without a plane ticket - light and refreshing, crisp and zesty, bold and smooth. And for every bottle sold, one tree is planted. It’s Savor’s way of giving back to nature and the fruits that provide its wine.

The bottles feature beautiful, abstract illustrations inspired by their place of origin, making each bottle a work of art.

The Spanish White features an olive tree branch, a nod to the wine’s birthplace in Valencia, one of the largest areas of ancient olive trees in the world. The abstract shapes reflect the sea with its coral and vegetation that bring the coast of Spain to life, along with a chili to reflect the variety of flavour in local foods.

The French Rose features a lavender as an ode to the wine’s origin in the south of France. The shapes depict the colours of Villefranche-sur-Mer and its tiny streets, sunshine and pale sunsets to bring alive the colour and feel of a warm sunny day in the south of France, where the wine doesn't stop flowing.

The Italian Red features a courgette flower, a seasonal and beautiful plant that true food-lovers may recognise. The lemons and abstract tomato are a nod to Italian cooking, and the colours of the sea reflect the wine's origin - Puglia’s stunning coastline.


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