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ProCook introduces stunning new Damascus 67 Knife Range

Drawing inspiration from the traditional techniques of craftsmen in the Echizen region of Japan, the all-new ProCook Damascus 67 knife range offers passionate home cooks a stylish kitchen must-have - delivering exceptional quality and precision performance.

Exquisitely designed, the stylish range draws upon the same great artisan skills traditionally use in the design of Samurai swords.

Using the most advanced materials, design and manufacturing techniques, each knife is crafted from world-renowned, authentic Japanese Damascus stainless steel. Featuring an inner core of high-carbon steel encased in 66 layers of anti-corrosive steel, and stone-ground to a traditional 12-degree angle, ProCook Damascus 67 knives offer passionate cooks the ultimate in durability and unrivalled, superior sharpness.

The slimline elegant blade of each knife boasts the beautiful pattern characteristic of Damascus steel as a result of using 66 layers which creates a stunning pattern as unique as a fingerprint.

The strong, durable, perfectly fitting black handles are formed from G10, a material made by layering fiberglass cloth, soaked epoxy resin, then compressed and baked, resulting in outstanding strength and beauty. Each one is finished with a red band and stamped rear bolster with decorative rivet featuring the Japanese Symbol 強 which translates as 'strength.'

ProCook Damascus 67 Knives also come with a choice of knife blocks to suit any kitchen style and offer a 25-year guarantee.

ProCook Founder, Daniel O'Neill stated "Our new Damascus 67 Knife range embodies the very best materials, design and manufacturing techniques available, created through the culmination of many years of expertise in our product design team. It's a truly high-performance range that will delight professional chefs and passionate home cooks. The range has been months in development, so we're thrilled to be able to unveil it, and for our customers to finally experience it."



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