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Private chef dinner from Chef Omakase is the perfect gift for any holiday season

By Lillian Langtry

This holiday season give the luxurious gift of a personal chef all in the comfort of a home. The revolutionary online company Chef Omakase​ ​has been winning grand applause since its inception this summer. Now as the holiday season approaches there is simply no better way to show appreciation and love than with their exquisite services.

The gift of a private chef cooking for you in the privacy of your own kitchen is now a reality with Chef Omakase. The home dinner party has never been more appealing, as well as incredibly affordable. As a holiday gift - or even a present to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, corporate gatherings - this unique jewel of a present creates a treasure chest of beautiful memories.

Chef Omakase creates a fantastic culinary experience with Michelin star meals that diminishes the perception of a private chef only being attainable by the ultra-wealthy. The smooth and streamlined process is easily accessible and as simple as ordering a taxi or a vacation rental via an app.

This fantastic service is the brainchild of Keiko Ono Aoki, widow of Rocky Aoki, and former CEO of Benihana Tokyo. From the legacy of the Benihana restaurant dynasty comes a new concept in dining that creates the ultimate​ luxury​ lifestyle for all. Keiko’s experience during the pandemic in New York City led her to conceptualise the digital platform that enables customers to experience a meal prepared by a private chef in your own home simply by choosing the style of cuisine and paying a fixed price per person for the experience. During COVID, like many Keiko become accustomed to working from home and experiencing historically high amounts of quality time with loved ones. The benefit of the pandemic was people learned to connect again, and the controlled environment setup has become a preferred way of life for being with friends and family.

The comfort and joy in eating at home in the last year​ is now desirable more than ever. Now Chef Omakase can provide the perfect opportunity to continue this image. Like the high-profile company Airbnb, Chef Omakase allows you to personalise a unique experience that embarks on​ a journey that takes off and embraces​ you​ in your​ own luxe moment.

Chef Omakase works by masterfully connecting you with a professional chef to cook a curated menu ​in​ your home at your convenience. With graceful ease, the company takes the stress out of a dinner party for groups of up to eight people.

Private chef booking is easier than ever with this new​ online service that provides options of different food categories such as New American, Italian, Asian, ​Mediterranean, French, International Plant-Based Vegetarian,​ American and Kosher. Fresh ingredients will be delivered to your door the day before the set time ​of ​arrival ​for​ your chef​ ​ ​booking. Sessions booked include food prep time for the chef, delivery of grocery supplies​, the cooking experience and minimal kitchen clean up. The website and chef help you select a menu based on food preferences, as well as the supplies found in your own home kitchen.​ ​​The entire experience from start to finish ​creates​ a beautiful memory in your own private setting. ​​

Choose from a menu that runs from $90 to $140 per person. Each unique established ​set up provides a perfect dinner party that can be part of a celebration with family or friends, or even a gift of a romantic night in with your significant other over a phenomenal meal.

​Menus include such selections as an Italian curated dinner with an appetiser of poached Fava Beans and Herbed Tomatoes. Then ​​a salad of Tiny Burrata ​with ​Warm Ceci Beans, Toasted Garlic and Parsley​. The main course consists of Pan Seared Crispy Chicken Breast ​with ​Lemon Reduction and Baby Greens​. And finally, the dessert follows of Panna Cotta ​with ​Roasted Summer Fruit​.​

Personal chefs include well-known individuals like Mark Mata, Danilo Galati, Veronica K. Lindemann, Thiago Silva, and Solanki Roy. Each staff member is hand-picked and proudly takes on the role that offers them stability and well-established hours of work. The company brings about a positive work environment that is reflected in the progressive and upbeat attitude that is brought into a customer’s home.

The Chef Omakase team will be​ proudly​ led by notable Chef Tadashi Ono of such legendary establishments as La Caravelle and the Japanese restaurant Matsuri. Born and raised in Tokyo, he started his cooking career as a teenager. Moving to New York ​Ci​ty in 1988​,​ ​​ ​he ​began ​his food industry journey ​and gathered​ over 30 years​ of work in the field. Successful moments in the kitchen made him a leading expert with ​media ​​features​ in The New York Times, Gourmet, Sauveur and Bon Appetit. Ono is also the cookbook author of “Japanese Soul Cooking” “The Japanese Grill” and “Japanese Hot Pot.”

In addition to this beneficial service for customers it also has added value in creating a stimulating and flexible work environment for food professionals. Many times, chefs are over-worked in the highly demanding industry. Chef Omakase provides the perfect way for them to set their own hours and work with this understanding company.

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