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Photographer George Logan new book ‘Lion: Pride Before The Fall’ to help save Africa’s lions

Acclaimed wildlife photographer George Logan has launched a new book of stunning wildlife photography to support and raise awareness for Africa’s dwindling lion population.

The hardback coffee table book, entitled ‘Lion: Pride Before The Fall’, is in conjunction with international wildlife charity Born Free and contains a collection of the London-based photographer’s beautiful and thought-provoking images of lions in the wild in Africa. George has been following and photographing lion prides across Africa for the past 10 years, and the book is the culmination of that journey.

The photographs, which celebrate the lifecycle of the lion in all of its raw beauty, serve as a stark reminder of what we stand to lose – with fewer than 20,000 African lions left, time is running out to safeguard their future.

George, alongside Born Free, raised the money to publish the book through a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign which totalled £78,000 and was used to fund the print run, production costs and distribution.

The foreword to the book was written by Born Free founder and actress, Virginia McKenna OBE. She said: “No one, in my view, more strikingly has caught the multiple dimensions of lions’ behaviour and depth of character than George Logan. He has an unfailing sensitivity and admiration for the individual animal. This, for me, shines through each page of the book and is deeply moving in so many ways.”

George added: "All profits from this 176-page book will support Born Free’s Last Lions of Meru conservation programme in Kenya, which works to protect and increase the lion population— currently standing at just 60-80 lions.

“Uniquely for a wildlife book, I also collaborated with some of the UK’s best creative minds to produce powerful thought-provoking imagery for a section within the book which confronts and highlights the dangers that the last remaining lions still face, such as habitat-loss, canned hunting, trophy hunting, human-wildlife conflict and the real possibility of extinction. ‘Lion: Pride Before The Fall’ is not only a culmination of my journey with Born Free over the past decade photographing lion prides across Africa, but also a way for members of the public who share my passion, to help safeguard a future for Meru’s wild lions.”

‘Lion: Pride Before The Fall’ is priced at £45


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