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The Jaguar Book - A unique look at the exclusive British brand

The elegance of Jaguar and the luxury of teNeues combine in this beautiful coffee-table book for all enthusiasts of the Great British marque. This unique, over-sized coffee-table book captures the sheer elegance and history of Jaguar.

Just in time for the E-Type’s 60th birthday: legendary photographer René Staud showcases the epitome of automotive elegance and luxury – the Jaguar. A pulse-pounding trip through the models manufactured by this cult brand, plus highlights from racing history, unforgettable film appearances, and exclusive peeks inside celebrity owners’ garages.

Founded in 1922 as Swallow Sidecars by William Lyons und William Walmsley, then re-named Jaguar Cars Ltd. after 1945, the brand still thrills thousands of car enthusiasts a century later. Legendary Jaguar models like the E-type or the XK 140, the SS 90 from the 1930s, the elegant 1959 Mark 2, or Jaguar’s first electric car, the I-Pace: renowned photographer René Staud, who has published several previous bestsellers with teNeues, including The Porsche 911 Book (which sold over 50,000 copies) and his most recent book, Neo Classics, takes us on a captivating tour of the models produced by the British company with his breath-taking, meticulously staged photos.

In addition to the models created over a century of Jaguar excellence, there are captivating stories about racing history and iconic film appearances in James Bond films, Harold and Maude, and more. This volume is a must-have for anyone who enjoys beautiful cars and scintillating automotive photography: movie-star glam meets “a very British affair.” For 99 years, Jaguar has been a synonym for elegance and luxury in automotive culture – it’s high time we memorialize this icon from England with this extraordinary photo book.


Photographer & “Behind the Scenes” Author: René Staud

Author: Jürgen Lewandowski

Foreword: Manfred Lampe

272 pages hardcover



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