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Descend into the DC Universe at Park Row a unique gastronomic experience

When going out to dinner needs to be an adventure, there is no better option than the DC Universe inspired Park Row - a showcase for fabulous interior design and culinary delights. Featuring five premium restaurant and bar spaces, Park Row combines multi-sensory storytelling with exceptional food and drink that draws from some of Gotham City’s most famous (and infamous) residents, creating a gastronomic theme park for comic book fans and foodies.

Situated within a stunning Grade II listed Art Deco venue within the heart of London’s theatre-land, guests will step off the streets of Soho and descend into the DC universe via a secret door in Wayne Manor, home to the famous billionaire.

Whilst the main spaces within the venue are inspired by DC - with a subtle nod to the characters and hidden easter eggs for those in-the-know - the halo concept, The Monarch Theatre, is a fully immersive restaurant experience, with state-of-the-art floor to ceiling projection mapping and an incredible tasting menu.


This is the home away from home for billionaire Bruce Wayne and named in honour of the Wayne family’s loyal butler Alfred.

Pennyworth’s is an undisputed Art Deco masterpiece, with nods to Alfred’s British past. Eagle-eyed diners may even spot artwork and heirlooms from the Wayne family’s private collection. Signature cocktails include At Your Service, a homage to the beloved butler and the whisky-focussed bar includes a rare bottling created for Park Row called Inishtree, named after the Scottish town where Castle Wayne is located. The bar also houses a unique and elegant whisky trolley – a specially designed cantilever system engineered to provide the perfect pour.

The Iceberg Lounge

The nightlife in Gotham City is always thrilling especially when spending an evening at the Iceberg Lounge. This stylish and spectacular setting is quite literally the coolest place in Gotham City. Founded and operated by the infamous Oswald Cobblepot, also known as The Penguin, the design indulges his signature quirks with a giant penguin sculpture situated above the bar, and ornithological artworks adorning the walls. Relax in the luxurious banquette seating that curves around this magnificent space, and enjoy food fresh from Gotham City Harbour, as well as live entertainment featuring the likes of the Black Canary (Thursday to Saturday).

Cocktails include Love Me, Love My Umbrella (vodka, dry vermouth, St Germain, lemon juice, strawberry syrup and soda) and a tall, refreshing Iceberg Fizz.

Rogues Gallery

Fine art connoisseur and curator Selina Kyle, also known as Catwoman, hosts – with the help of master forger Roscoe Chiara - an exhibition of specially reproduced stolen paintings and sculptures commemorating the DC Super-Villains who call Gotham City home. The restaurant within the gallery is designed in soft, sensual pinks and greens and boasts a menu of culinary masterpieces, giving its elite clientele a treat for the eyes and the palate.

Cocktails include The Blue Boy - a gin, blue curacao and citrus cocktail poured from a painting whose colour gradually drains as the drink fills the glass – and Paying For College, a unique twist on a passionfruit martini. In addition, the restaurant gallery presents the world’s first ‘levitating’ cocktail molecule served over a rose gold plinth. Senses are heightened and gravity defied as the molecule moves through the air ready to be consumed.

Amusement Mile

Park Row is no ordinary restaurant and tables will be frequented by trolleys from Amusement Mile, serving up smaller snacks like nitro popcorn, edible helium balloons and nitro ice cream.

Old Gotham City

A villainous late night no-reservations bar secreted away at the back of Park Row, this den of iniquity boasts creative cocktails, plush décor and low lighting – it’s perfect for a little after-hours entertaining. Signature cocktails include the rum-based Blackgate Batida, served alongside snacks like lobster rolls, fried chicken and caviar.


Park Row’s menu includes luxurious dishes such as Goosnargh Truffle Glazed Whole Chicken with black truffle pomme purée Madeira jus to share and Aynoe Park Estate Fallow Deer and Dover Sole à la Grenobloise. Fans can indulge in DC’s iconic Big Belly Burger and Bruce Wayne’s beloved Mulligatawny soup. Caviar from Gotham City Harbor, hand-dived scallops from Loch Fyne and fried oysters from Morecambe Bay are just a few of Park Row’s seafood dishes. Further elevating Park Row’s all-encompassing offering, tables will be frequented by trolleys from Amusement Mile, serving up smaller snacks like nitro popcorn, edible helium balloons and nitro ice cream.

Expertly crafted desserts incorporate stunning theatrical flourishes such as the highly instagrammable Kiss From A Rose – vanilla custard tart, textures of raspberry and rose, lychee ice cream: a sombre reminder of the roses Bruce left on his parent's grave on the anniversary of their death.


Each of the restaurant spaces has it’s own bar and signature cocktail list together with a unique drinks focus – Pennyworth’s: whisky and cognac; Iceberg Lounge: vodka and gin; and Rogue’s Gallery: tequila, mezcal and pisco.

Park Row also prides itself on a ‘living’ wine list, carefully curated by Head of Wine Milena De Waele, it is designed to pair perfectly with the menu and adapts and evolves to reflect new trends in wine-making and sophisticated palettes. A secret off-menu private cellar list is also available on request, including exclusive vintages.

The Monarch Theatre

The Monarch Theatre is a 20-seat venue with state-of-the-art floor-to-ceiling projection mapping and an incredible 10-course tasting menu with drinks that subtly pays homage to some of DC universe’s most iconic Super Heroes and Super-Villains. Dishes by Exec Chef Karl O’Dell (formerly of Michelin-starred Texture) take guests on a culinary and visual journey through a one-of-a-kind gastronomic show, with carefully crafted staging and immersive courses that play with the senses – Gotham City, nor London for that matter has ever seen anything quite like it.

Created by Park Row founder James Bulmer, The Monarch Theatre experience is designed to trigger specific emotions through the environment of the room and the food on the table which tie into the theatrical narrative of the evening. Highlights include a ‘poisonous’ mushroom made from a rich and earthy parfait; a USDA Black Angus tenderloin with truffle fit for the Bruce Wayne dinner table; and edible jewellery.

The Monarch Theatre is the crown jewel of Park Row, elevating dining, and entertainment with an exhilarating restaurant experience unlike no other.

Park Row

77 Brewer Street

London W1F


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