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Build moments of calm with MOi + ME's high-quality, pure CBD product range

Supporting mental health and advocates for self-love is MOi + ME: the new high-quality pure isolate CBD product range to help build moments of calm into everyday life. Established by Co-Founders Catherine Meardon and Laura Walton, following their personal journeys with anxiety, MOi + ME is a new brand that not only leads with four outstanding products curated with stimulating flavours and scents, but has also been set up to support those in need with tools and tips.

On a mission to remove the confusion surrounding CBD with their quality products that can be used throughout day-to-day life, MOi + ME wanted to create a collection that sparked the senses and elevated personal wellbeing, supported by the natural wonders of CBD. With 300mg is the self-heating Moment Balm, designed to melt away the tension from any part of the body, with 500mg of CBD and blended with a powerful peppermint scent and flavour to engage your senses is the Moment Mist, and to relax the mind and soul is the 500mg CBD scented Temple Roller which combines lavender and evening primrose.

MOi + ME’s wild card product and one of the most unique is the 200mg CBD Massage Candle, which is perfect for a massage or as a nourishing body oil. Made with jasmine and sandalwood, this beautifully scented candle is a candle with a twist. Curated to massage the skin with nourishing CBD oil, simply light the candle, and once melted, blow out the flame before pouring the warm oil onto the skin for a massage with the warm blend of oils.

With the name inspired by busy modern lifestyles that often leave individuals feeling like they have “One Soul, Two Minds” – the brand represents the “MOi” side thriving externally while the other “ME” side which feels tired and worn out. Believing in the importance of self-care and self-love, each of their products is designed to reunite the often-conflicting MOi + ME sides, encouraging them to be compassionate to one other.

Co-Founder Laura comments: "both Catherine and I have been personally touched by anxiety, through our own suffering and those we love. I used CBD along with other tools throughout my mental health journey and found them to be a great support. With an overarching mission to raise awareness for mental health, we wanted to go above and beyond to support those in need. In addition to our products, we also offer tools and tips and donate regularly to charities who in turn also help others.’"

Catherine Meardon explained that "Both co-founders of MOi + ME understand the importance of getting your life balance right. If you don’t allow time in your life for reflection and relaxation, things can very quickly feel on top of you. This can make you feel like you have one soul and two minds. We’ve designed our high-quality, pure CBD product range to help bring moments of calm into your daily routine through a combination of stimulating flavours and scents."

MOi + ME has been created as an all-encompassing brand to enable others to share their personal story, go for reassurance and seek advice from coaches, mindset mentors, and yoga instructors. Catherine and Laura also hope that as a brand, they can educate people on how to integrate CBD into everyday life. Short for cannabidiol, CBD is an active compound found in the cannabis sativa plant. A naturally occurring substance and can impart a feeling of relaxation and calm, CBD is legal in its pure form in the UK. All MOi + ME products have been tested independently by a third-party lab to ensure you can trust the quality of pure CBD found in each of their products.


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