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Milan To Mayfair – The legendary Italian Giannino comes to conquer London

Not so much with a bang – more with a whisper - one of the world’s finest Italian restaurants, Giannino Mayfair, opened its doors in the heart of London just off Bond Street.

The restaurant first opened its doors in Milan 120 years ago and since then has become a world-renowned establishment serving the very best Italian dishes inspired by traditional Italian home-cooking. The opening of the Mayfair restaurant signifies the expansion of the Giannino brand as its first step outside Italy.

Swimming against the current, Giannino Mayfair is one of the first restaurant launches in Mayfair since lockdown. The challenge is undoubtedly enormous and reflects the belief of Italian restauranteur, Antonio Fantini, in his unique offering. An emblematic restaurant, and highly regarded as one of Milan's finest Italian restaurants, Giannino became the go-to spot in the fashion and financial capital of Italy.

Reflecting the vision of its founder, Giannino offers a creative international cuisine with an undeniable Italian touch. Its atmosphere, elegant and refined yet modern and inclusive, defines it.

Designed by Italian architectural studio Spagnulo & Partners the restaurant features an elegant, refined atmosphere that perfectly embodies the welcoming ambience that Giannino is renowned for in Milan. Executive chef Salvatore Suzzi, already at the helm of the kitchen of the historical restaurant in Milan, brings to Mayfair some of his classic dishes as well as exclusive creations to mark the London launch.

The menu caters for traditional Italian classic cuisine lovers, those looking for vegan specialities as well as real "foodies" after an unforgettable tasting experience. Some of the highlights include traditional favourites such as veal ossobuco, gremolata & potato purée, vegan options as the tonarello caccio pepe, sea urchin, cocoa bean & lime and, last but not least, the asparagus risotto manteccato with almond butter, the chef’s exclusive Mayfair creation. From the dessert menu, the cannoncini, namelaka cream & berries jus should not be missed. With absolutely everything made by our chefs' hands in a state-of-the-art Mayfair kitchen, from the pasta, bread and even grissini to the exceptional desserts, the menu is certain to impress.

Silvia Costa, a partner in Mayfair comments: "our objective is to add to the London scene a fine dining experience out-of-the-box. Our menu is traditional yet daring, our restaurant should feel as an elegant extension of your living room".

With a reputation that precedes it, the new London establishment is certainly going to be one of the must-visit restaurants of 2020 and beyond!

10 Blenheim St, Mayfair, London W1

T: 020 8138 1196


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