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Make the perfect Speyside Vesper this National Cocktail Day with Eight Lands

Eight Lands Vodka and Gin are crafted and distilled at the family-owned Glenrinnes Distillery in an organic estate in Speyside, made from pristine Scottish spring water that flows freely past the distillery at the foot of the Ben Rinnes mountain. Created from the finest, impeccably sourced organic ingredients, these spirits are gluten-free, vegan and free from additives, suggesting a multi-award-winning taste and character.

Their Organic Vodka is distilled with patience, passion and precision using organic barley and wheat, and is as clear as the pristine spring water used to make it. The process involves a two-stage fermentation process, and a combination of pot still and two ten-plate columns. The method is unusual and time-consuming, creating a vodka with genuine character.

On the nose: Well-rounded marzipan and vanilla pods.

On the palate: Quality grain, leading into butterscotch and coconut.

On the finish: Long and smooth with a hint of spice on the palate.

Eight Lands Organic Gin is distilled in a 1,000-litre pot still and one of the distillery's rectifying columns. Through maceration and vapour infusion, eleven botanicals give this London Dry gin its unique flavour, including wood sorrel and cowberries which grow wild on the Glenrinnes Estate.

On the nose: Big juniper, backed up by fresh pine and citrus.

On the palate: Sweet juniper balanced with tart red berries and citrus.

On the finish: Hints of black tea and warm spice.

To celebrate National Cocktail Day on the 24th, consumers can create their own Speyside Vesper cocktail at home with Eight Lands Organic Vodka and Gin, Dry White Vermouth and a lemon twist (or lemon essence atomiser spray, for an innovative and refreshing experience).

Eight Lands Speyside Vesper Recipe:


25ml Eight Lands Organic Gin

25ml Eight Lands Organic Vodka

10ml Dry White Vermouth

Lemon twist (or lemon essence atomiser, if preferred)


Take a chilled martini glass, stir all ingredients over ice (or shake, if preferred) and strain into the chilled glass.

Garnish with a lemon twist (or add sprays of lemon essence, if you wish to use an atomiser)


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