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LACERA BERLIN - A new premium candle brand hand-poured in Germany

Candles are among the most versatile and decorative interior accessories, coveted the world over. In these unprecedented times, candles can help you relax, feel calm and support a more productive mind-set. LACERA BERLIN offers a new take on premium candles, designed with sustainability at the heart of the brand’s DNA.

With its inaugural collection, the Berlin based start-up introduces 11 luxurious fragrance compositions, including floral, zesty, fresh and spicy notes that will fill a space with captivating scents. LACERA (Italian for “wax”) candles are made from high quality essential oils with a semi-gloss soy and coconut wax blend, providing a burn of up to 60 hours. The brands first collection ‘Premiere’ was uniquely inspired by the vibrant markets of Marrakech, the soft feel of Cashmere and the magic of winter nights, evoking memories from places once travelled or close to home.

At the heart of LACERA Berlin lies sustainability, which has been part of every aspect of the brands development. The wicks are made of an organic cotton and paper mix in Germany, whilst the paraben free wax is fully organic with 10% of essential oils. The heat resistant glass containers are recyclable and designed to be reused as a home accessory after the candle has burned. The stylish, premium packaging doesn’t use any plastic and presents beautifully as a gift to oneself or others.

The founder Mark Singrin says: “LACERA Berlin was conceptualised to elevate any surrounding, whilst rejuvenating spirit and soul. The coloured glasses and rich fragrant wax embody a positive attitude towards life. We only use high quality materials and unique fragrance compositions, producing candles that are sophisticated and chic”.

The collections headline scent Oriental Daze (pictured) is anticipated to be the company’s best seller and provides a completely new candle experience. A complex blend of fresh, zesty and sweet scents made from mandarin, lychee, vanilla and sandalwood will transport you on a fragrance journey through Egypt and the Middle East.

The 200g candles are priced at EUR 39.90 each.


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