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Kahani, a story of exceptional Indian cuisine

Every restaurant has a story to tell and Kahani is no different. In fact this elegant, contemporary Indian restaurant nestled on a small side street off Sloane Street has several stories. Of course, I use the pun liberally as Kahani is the Hindi/Urdu word for story.

This restaurant’s story dates back to a passion and love of food from Michelin-starred chef Peter Joseph. A passion that was nurtured in Chennai and finessed, and culminated at the famous Tamarind restaurant in Mayfair. Having honed his already great skills at Tamarind he took the next logical step that every chef dreams of and opened his very own restaurant, Kahani and so the story begins.

There is a template for all restaurants – almost cookie cutter if you pardon another pun that they all follow - great location, an innovative menu, refined wine list, elegant décor, and attentive service - Kahani ticks all the boxes beautifully.

Despite the restaurant being located in the most subterranean basement I have ever been in, you don’t feel it thanks to its high ceilings and seductively lit interiors. A glass-fronted kitchen and wine cellar and minimalist décor create a space which is elegant and intimate. The usual fawning service associated with Indian restaurants is instead executed by slick professionals led by the extremely-experienced and amiable manager, Shaoib.

Every ethnic restaurant no matter its national cuisine has to feature the classics which customers expect and this is by far the best way to gauge any restaurant’s culinary skills above another. Be it a Linguini Vongoli at your favourite Italian, a Dim Sum at your favourite Chinese, Pad Thai at your favourite Thai, or Steak and Frites at your favourite brasserie – serving classics with authenticity, yet making them stand out, is not as easy a task as you might imagine.

And thus, of course, all Indian restaurants must serve the classics that one expects, and include Seekh kebab, chaat, samosas, dhal, freshly-baked Naan and Roti. Of course, every restaurant has their own showpieces and twists on classics but it is in these humble mainstays that separate the wheat from the chaff. Indian cuisine is actually one of the most difficult to execute perfectly. It is a myriad of spices and herbs that added together using the perfect combination which is the difference between a Michelin Star and a very good restaurant.

Using the finest and freshest seasonal British ingredients, Peter creates dishes that reinforce the Indian tradition of sharing plates and his superbly-executed creations are served in tapas style portions for the table to share and enjoy. This extends to dishes from the robata grill and the curries alike. Every dish we sampled was not only instagram-worthy but his mastery in adding just the right spices and flavours had us reminiscing of banquets enjoyed during the Golden days of the Indian Empire.

Guests who wish to truly feel like a Raj have the option to book Kahani’s beautiful private-dining space, The Peacock Room, a glass-fronted sanctuary overlooking the restaurant below and providing exclusivity and intimacy for up to ten guests.

With the myriad of not only Indian restaurants but also fine-dining Indian restaurants that we now have on offer in the culinary capital that is London, Kahani, above all others, delivers exceptional cuisine, service, and an experience that you’ll find is a story worth telling!


1 Wilbraham Place

London, SW1


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