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Introducing new UK luxury skincare brand Margrete Gotye

Margrete Gotye is committed to creating a cool private skin care and lifestyle brand for the creative class. Like London, Margrete Gotye is also full of creativity and passion and strongly identifies with traditional inheritance, serving a creative class knowledgeable about the fine arts, quality conscious and always looking for something that sets them apart.

Margrete Gotye

Juan Ponce de León, the famous Spanish explorer during the Renaissance, followed Columbus to the New World for the second time in 1493. He heard many stories about the "Fountain of Youth" from the Indians, so he was determined to find it. Later, with the funding from King Carlos I, he travelled all over the world in search of the secret recipe for keeping youthful. Although Ponce did not find the "Fountain of Youth" in the end, he did collect many secret recipes for youth during the entire expedition.

Based on this beautiful story and lots of research, Margrete Gotye was founded. Cooperating with R&D laboratories based in Asia, Europe and high-quality raw material suppliers around the world, the brand personally participated in the development process of each product.

Nowadays, Margrete Gotye, as a European herbal skincare brand, has collected more than 40 of Juan Ponce de León's secret formulations. The brand combines the ancient methods of extraction and preservation of natural herbal ingredients with modern cosmetic technologies to make products tailored to a high demand of modern skin problems caused by pollution and high stress levels. Margrete Gotye is writing the modern-day legend of the "Fountain of Youth".

Here are two of our favourite must-try products from the range:


Margrete Gotye's Eye Glue creates a new eye care standard through three-dimensional treatment: 1st Dimension—Avocado Extract: Forms a natural protective film on skin surface and provides gentle skin repair.2nd Dimension—Marine Algae Extract: Offers quick burst hydration & boosting skin metabolism and promotes collagen regeneration to reduce key visible sign of eye aging. 3rd Dimension—Peptide: Relaxes eye skin and boosts rejuvenation, uplifting with a smooth touch.

The cream re-ignites the youth of eyes with a balancing and comprehensive anti-aging eye treatment, and sticks beauty and brightness on your under-eye area, just like a “glue”. £58.


Feel the instant hydration effect of this overnight mask. Formulated with Chamomile Extract, which is known its skin soothing and antiallergic properties, this overnight formula delivers smoother-looking skin instantly. With continued use, our hydrating formula with trehalose, lavender, and Portulaca Oleracea Extract works to soften the look of fine lines for a younger-looking complexion, £58.


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