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HIDE restaurant - Ollie Dabbous' Piccadilly hotspot

Nestled behind HIDE’s heavy wooden doors is another world filled with a tranquil atmosphere, exquisite food and a record-breaking wine list.

The talented and heavily decorated Chef Ollie Dabbous has transformed HIDE by bringing the elements of nature and elegance together to create a restaurant that everyone is talking about. Within only months of opening, the restaurant has created such a buzz that it is now a must-see and do for anyone visiting London’s culinary scene.

Sprawling over three floors, the interior imitates the nature seen in Green Park opposite, so those dining and enjoying HIDE’s view of Green Park can feel like they are picnicking outside. With its huge and Instagram-worthy wooden staircase, you will be transported into the Above and Below floors of the restaurant.

Above oversees Piccadilly with glazed windows so you are secluded from the hustle and bustle of the world beyond and offers a tasting menu-only dining room.

HIDE’s Ground floor is much more active offering a la carte menu, if that is more your preference. For those looking to get an evening drink, Below has a fabulous cocktail bar with a walk-in wine cellar, a seasonal menu, and spirits from across the globe. Each floor is made to give guests a unique experience. Although different in atmosphere and menus, the interior design of each floor brings a cohesive aesthetic that defines Hide and makes this a remarkable restaurant.

For wine connoisseurs there are three wine pairing options for the tasting menu on the Above floor, or you can choose from 4,000 wines in their Hedonism cellar on the Below floor. HIDE’s tasting menu is truly revolutionary as it is a nine step journey to heaven. I highly recommend the perfectly ripe tomatoes stuffed with olives and a unique HIDE essence and chamomile dressing.

For those, like me, with a penchant for sweet things may want to be cautious of HIDE’s peach and marigold sherbet. The dish resembles a piece of artwork as the bright green and yellow stand out while sitting on a massive block of ice. If you look closely enough at this ice block, you can see flowers frozen inside of it - if you needed something else to post on social media, this would be it. Even the meat HIDE serves has a performative aspect to it as their cured meats are skewered on feathers.

HIDE is a one-of-a-kind experience with their minimalist aesthetic, worldly cocktail collection, and performative presentation of food. It is truly unlike any restaurant I have been to in a long time, so book your seat for HIDE quickly because it is the hottest ticket in London and something everyone will soon Seek!


85 Piccadilly, London W1


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