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Haute cuisine at home - Meet Daniel Hulme CEO of One Fine Dine

One of the key fundamentals for a chef is the ability to continuously create something new and experiment. For Daniel Hulme this not only applies to the kitchen in creating culinary masterpieces, but also in ways to expand and grow his business and bring the experience of fine-dining to a larger audience. It was this mind-set that enabled him to create several businesses which have brought Michelin-starred food to guests beyond traditional restaurants and into both private jets and superyachts. Now expanding that thought process one step further he has created, One Fine Dine, a business where guests can enjoy that same quality of cuisine in their own homes without the need of a private chef and with minimal fuss.

Launched last year by founder and CEO Daniel Hulme, One Fine Dine offers customers the chance to select from a choice of sumptuous dishes online, with each one made-to-order and hand-delivered by an in-house agent. Combining the ultimate luxury in food and drink with the most private-dining experience possible.

Fuelled by his passion for gastronomy, Daniel undertook his initial training at the Butler’s Wharf Chef School, before cutting his teeth as an apprentice in some of London’s most critically acclaimed restaurants, including Scott’s of Mayfair and The Square. Looking to expand his knowledge of international cuisine, Daniel travelled around the globe working in a variety of fine dining establishments, before moving onto private cheffing onboard the yachts of UHNWIs. It was during this time that he won a prestigious business deal as catering partner to exclusive America’s Cup Yacht Race, held in Valencia in 2007.

Moving on from the superyacht world, with over 10 years of fine dining experience behind him, Daniel quickly established himself as the master of revolutionary innovation and creativity in the world of business aviation in-flight catering with his company, On Air Dining. Dedicated to supplying haute cuisine at 35,000 feet, On Air Dining crafts unforgettable experiences for epicurean globe-trotters.

Developing an impressive list of private aviation clientele, such as Netjets, Gulfstream, and Flexjet, the company also earned many accolades, including the Luxury Travel Guide Lifestyle Award for Inflight Caterers of the year (for three consecutive years), and the Sapphire Pegasus Business Aviation Award in 2019. It was from the success of this business, and the discovery that very few could deliver high-end, gourmet food at-home, that Daniel launched One Fine Dine in 2020.

Our food is eaten all over the world on the finest private jets and now, for the first time, you can do this in your own home, with minimum prep and only a microwave oven.

Highly-passionate about using locally and sustainably sourced meat and produce, combined with a keen eye for modern plating techniques, Daniel’s objective for One Fine Dine was to prepare and deliver Michelin star quality food, requiring only heating and plating at home. With a unique dining system already in place from his aviation company, Daniel adjusted his approach slightly delivering all meals fresh and chilled with easy-to-follow instructions (on video or printed cards), to give each customer the opportunity to play MasterChef in their own home.

“I wanted to put the fun back into high-quality meal preparation, by taking out all the work and stress.”

With our limited access to fine dining restaurants during the current pandemic, we decided to try the service out for ourselves. Sure enough the online ordering process was as efficient as possible and we selected an a la carte menu that catered to our specific tastes. The food arrived at the time we requested in a refrigerated box with clear step-by-step instructions for preparing and plating each dish.

Creating our dinner was as easy as they promised with only minimal heating preparation. The boxes even include all the garnishing, utensils, and sauces to ensure your finished dish looks every bit the instagram-worthy Michelin-masterpiece that you would find in any fabulous restaurant. Primarily, of course, the taste of each dish surpassed all our expectations and truly was as sumptuous as it looked!

Working closely with his chefs at One Fine Dine, Daniel ensures each dish is prepared and presented akin to that of a fine dining establishment. In addition, he applies his advanced knowledge on wine pairings, and partners with high-end brands, such as Dom Perignon, to produce exceptional and exclusive menus for those craving superior quality food and drink in the comfort of their own home.

Devoted to bringing together the ultimate luxury in food and drink with the most private dining experience possible, Daniel’s ambition for One Fine Dine is to see it deliver the same, if not exceed the success of its sister company, On Air Dining.

Of all the at-home meals we have tried during lockdown this proved to be one of the greatest show-stoppers and was truly enjoyed by all our guests. One Fine Dine, is one fine idea!


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