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Meet Freya Broughton Author of I Love You To The Fridge And Back

Freya Broughton is beyond proud to announce the release of her first cookbook, I Love You To The Fridge And Back. The book is entirely self-written, detailing the nourishing recipes that Freya has developed to dramatically improve her lifelong allergies, eczema and related health problems.

A decade of fine-tuning her diet, incorporating well-sourced, wholesome and natural ingredients, has resulted in this highly personal, genuine and supportive cookbook. I Love You To The Fridge And Back is a joyous celebration of the simple ingredients available to us all. Freya’s mission is to empower anyone who has experienced similarly exhausting health issues, helping them regain control of their symptoms and live life to the fullest.

Tell us a little about yourself. How did you get started writing this book? 

I am an upbeat, positive country girl with a passion for food and nature. I have suffered with severe health conditions all my life that have until recently restricted my quality of life. My mission is to get my knowledge, support and advice out there to assist others ideally never have to suffer the same way I did by sharing my recipe’s and experience. 

I knew I needed to break the addition to my overuse of strong conventional medications, so I started learning about the healing powers of herbs and wholesome natural ingredients.

I fell into cooking due to my determination to find a natural source to sooth my serious health conditions- namely Eczema, migraines, asthma and life-threatening allergies. 


What do you do when you’re not writing?

Running with my gorgeous doggies and foraging out in nature, cold water plunging, and I work with my family for Camp Kerala, the best Glamping around!


What or who inspired you to write this book?

My supportive family, my brother especially saw how much I was improving my quality of life and suggested I start writing some tips, recipes and advice down and it grew from there.

Dr Becky Campbell has been a huge inspiration for me with her work on allergies and histamine and the way she uses ingredients as a source of medicine in her recipe’s. 


Talk us through the journey you went on understanding how foods can change your health for the better?

It was purely trial and error. I focused a lot on learning about the nutritional value of certain ingredients and how they work together with other ingredients to create healthy, energising dishes that tasted delicious.

My book is very much a success story that worked for me with some facts on what vitamins, minerals and other components make up the ingredients. 

The contents page starts with the question ‘how are you feeling’ followed by some recipe suggestions under certain symptoms. For example – ‘headachy try Rosemary tea’. This gives the reader direction on what maybe helpful for their bodies and also pointers on the nutritional value of the recipe. Mindful eating and being aware of how the ingredients helps the reader I feel acts like a placebo – the more knowledge they have the more empowered they feel whilst making these choices and therefore digestion can become smoother creating more energy and enhancing quality of life. 

The consistent message throughout is ‘listen to your body’ I feel connection is key to understanding symptoms and  making the right choices for you! 


What has been your favourite recipe to create and how do you ensure these recipes mean the readers don’t feel like they are missing out on their favourite or indulgent treats?

I love the sweat treats! For example Jam tarts which I spent many hours working on getting the right texture, taste and constancy in this healthy alternative recipe. My book is filled with a variation of recipe’s from the basic breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks to drinks, organic wine recommendations and sweet treats.

I realised through experimental cooking with delicious natural, nutritious ingredients that healthy options can still be delicious. Creating the classic comfort, popular classic recipes with natural, healthy ingredients became my passion as I realised the healing powers cooking and food has on our bodies. 


What is your next project? 

I would love to help get the word out there to give people suffering hope. I know the feeling of being so alone and frightened and really feel like I can help. This maybe through teaching about the nutrient & health value of certain ingredients – maybe creating a cookery school of sorts of writing more books in detail. There has been a lot of interest in my book on TV and radio which has been terrific in spreading the word to the right people.



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