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HACKS - How chefs make dishes go from good to great

Hacks is the definitive new cookbook for ambitious home cooks, giving them the tools they need to create restaurant standard food in their own kitchens.

Revealing the secret hacks used by the UK’s finest chefs to elevate their dishes, Hacks is a step-by-step guide that shows how professional chefs make dishes go from good to great. Equipping home cooks with an understanding of the science of flavour and the processes of key cooking techniques such as curing and preserving, Hacks is designed to give readers the confidence to use their own creative flair to take their dishes to the next level.

With forty-eight micro-recipes for purées, oils, brines, cures, preserves, marinades and beyond, plus twenty-five full dish recipes from some of the most accomplished chefs in the UK, Hacks is packed with inspirational cooking tips designed to help ambitious home cooks become the very best chefs they can be.

Hacks features exclusive recipes and tips from twenty-five leading British chefs, including co-founder and Head Chef at Koya, Shuko Oda; one of the best classical chefs in the country, Galton Blackiston; Alfred Prasad, the youngest Indian chef to win a Michelin star; Café Deco’s Anna Tobias; the Galvin brothers; National Chef of the Year, Kuba Winkowski; Great British Menu winner Richard Bainbridge; and 1251’s James Cochran.

Published by Great British Chefs, the UK’s leading premium food platform for serious home cooks, Hacks will bring a little bit of restaurant magic into home kitchens.


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