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For the luxury foodie in your life: Give the gift of personalised caviar from ROE

ROE caviar is an American white sturgeon caviar stylishly packaged to be as visually appealing as it is delectable. Artfully presented in a gold-rimmed black tin within a timeless wood box, the single-origin caviar offers enthusiasts a fresh way to experience one of life’s great luxuries.

Harvested from a Northern Californian farm, ROE caviar is salted for one month to ensure freshness, while simultaneously enhancing and enriching its flavour. The end result is a caviar that is exceptionally fresh with buttery, briny and nutty undertones.

Not only can you gift this delectable delicacy to someone special in your life, ROE also allows you to customise the beautifully carved, wooden caviar gift box to make it that much more special with a personal touch.

Indulge Box

White Sturgeon caviar, sustainably farmed by aquaculture in California.

  • Optimally selected for size, firmness, colour and taste

  • ROE caviar is crafted entirely by hand using techniques mastered through generations of experience.

  • Only very fine salt is used to preserve and coax flavours from the caviar.

  • No preservatives of any sort. No borax, often found in European caviars.

  • 250 gm tin is beautifully accompanied with a custom wooden presentation box, four Mother of Pearl caviar spoons, and a key to open.


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