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Feel-good scents from Juliette Has A Gun

The mood boosting effects of fragrance cannot be denied. Seemingly small gestures such as spritzing an uplifting scent can do wonders to help us feel good and stay positive. Juliette Has A Gun’s fragrances are all designed to embolden the wearer. The high-quality compositions not only smell great but are often presented with a humorous twist, guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Read on to discover our top three recommendations for days when you’re in need of the perfect perfume pick me up.


Vanilla Vibes is the fusion of two opposites, an aphrodisiac natural vanilla twisted with sea salt.

Heart notes of natural vanilla absolute and orchid absolute combine with base notes of sandalwood absolute, tonka bean absolute brown musk and benzoin absolute.

Vanilla Vibes offers escapism by transporting you to the Californian desert blazing beneath the midday sun. It is the expression of a sensual, powerful and free femininity.

From £85 for 50ml


‘The idea was to propose something that inspires happy and positive feelings. I started with sandalwood essence. A woody note with unctuous tonalities. I simply accentuated it with some musks, and a jasmine and coconut milk facet’ – Romano Ricci, Founder.

Like a happy therapy, Sunny Side Up recalls those moments of freedom, insouciance and letting go. The perfume envelopes and comforts in the same way the midday sun warms the skin. Like a sunny veil to delight the senses. From £85 for 50ml


A sensual fragrance composed of only one note: the molecule Cetalox. Clean, pure, and unique, Not A Perfume is perfect for those days when you want your skin to smell like you, only more magical. Designed to be worn alone or blended with another iconic Juliette scent. From £85 for 50ml

Now also available in an overdosed version. NOT A PERFUME SUPERDOSE £130 for 100ml

All fragrances available from


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