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ESPA Life at Corinthia London partners with The Elixir Clinic

The best hotel spa in London - the ESPA Spa at the Corinthia London - has now welcomed the Elixir Clinic. The international wellness clinic is recognised as a market leader in intravenous therapy with clinics in Europe and the Middle East. Renowned for their IV Nutrient Therapy, their bespoke infusions, branded VitaDrip, are aimed at rejuvenation and sustaining long-term wellbeing.

VitaDrip infusions are a unique blend of vitamins, minerals and amino acids; all classifies as ‘essential nutrients’ vital for the body, brilliantly formulated to support with hydration, detox, enhancing energy levels, strengthening the immune system, while promoting anti-aging.

Recognised as pioneers in wellbeing, ESPA Life at Corinthia is one of Europe’s leading spas and consistently remains at the cutting edge of the Wellness Industry. The partnership with Elixir further strengthens the spas 360 approach to health and wellness.

“ESPA Life at Corinthia’s partnership with The Elixir Clinic ensures that our spa offers relevant and up to date wellbeing treatments for our guests and members. The availability of these nutrient therapy infusion services reinforces our position as a forward-thinking market leader in holistic wellness. I am so pleased be able to offer tailored IV infusions to our guests.” explains Spa Director Aysun Mut.

Benefits of the intravenous nutrient therapy infusions include 100% absorption of the vitamins – our bodies absorb only between 10%-30% of vitamins contained in pills – as well as the fact that all ingredients are natural and derived from plants. The effective Booster shots take just seconds, whilst VitaDrip® infusions take from just 45 minutes.

Signature Treatments include:

  • VIP Elixir Vitadrip £407

  • Antiaging Vitadrip £350

  • Recharger Vitadrip £350

T: 020 7321 3050

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