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Cheers! A Festive Drinks Gift Guide for the Epicurean

With the holidays fast approaching the Epicurean Life team has compiled a luxury selection of drinks to celebrate the holidays and beyond! Here are a few of our favourites to get you into the holiday 'spirit'.

Bushmills Causeway Collection 1997 Rum Cask - £395

Introducing Bushmills Causeway Collection 1997 Rum Cask to Great Britain at the end of 2022, Bushmills Master Blender Alex Thomas has brought her first exclusive cask to Great Britain for the first time. Having already earned awards for its enhanced drinking experience at the luxury end of the market. Bushmills selected American oak casks which previously housed Caribbean rum and filled them with Irish whiskey on 14th February 1997. The barrels have been carefully stored in the distillery's warehouses ever since, imparting layers of oak and tropical rum flavours such as mango and pineapple to Bushmills' new make spirit.

Moët & Chandon Brut Personalised Tin - £58

This festive season, Moët & Chandon are launching an exclusive bespoke tin in the iconic Harrods green that can be personalised with a thoughtful message to gift to a loved one this Christmas.

Available exclusively at Harrods, the personalised Moët & Chandon Imperial tin will be the perfect way to give someone a heartfelt and meaningful message for a very special Moët & Chandon Christmas moment. The tin can be adorned with a festive message, the name of a loved one or a nostalgic note to make for the ultimate present.

The personalisation station is located just outside the newly launched Moët & Chandon Champagne Bar at Harrods, so once the tin has been personalised, shoppers will be granted a special offer to enjoy a glass of Moët & Chandon Impérial to enjoy.

The House of Suntory Roku Gin – The Japanese Craft Gin - £30

In Japanese, Roku translates as the number six. Inside every bottle of Roku Gin, you will find six very special Japanese botanicals reflecting the seasonality of Japan. These represent Suntory’s commitment to only use the best ingredients harvested from the best growing areas in Japan.

Every aspect of Roku Gin is crafted by Japanese artisans with a centuries-old tradition of meticulous attention to detail. The sweet citrus hint of yuzu (the winter botanical) will bring a lift to the cold winter days.

Maestro DOBEL Tequila Humito - £48

The use of mesquite wood within the artisanal process naturally produces a uniquely smoky and aromatic liquid. The delicately complex, aromatic and sultry tequila emanates flavours of the 17th century for the discerning and curious. Super premium blend of 100% Agave Reposado, Añejo and Extra-Añejo which results in a crystal clear, soft, silky-smooth spirit perfect for sipping neat.

Savyll Non-alcoholic Cocktail Collection - from £13.99

The fabulous Savyll non-alcoholic cocktail collection is the perfect way to make everyone feel part of the occasion. Savyll cocktails have been carefully crafted using a unique blend of natural ingredients to recreate the sophisticated flavours, familiarity and sense of occasion that cocktails bring, with a premium selection of the world’s most popular variations. Savyll’s collection includes a choice of Bellini, Moscow Mule, Mojito and Paloma Tequila.

Pronounced “sah-vell” - meaning to be ‘savoured by all’ Savyll cocktails can be served directly from their elegant signature glass bottles and enjoyed without the need for mixers or other embellishments – simply chill, serve and sip! The range is vegan-friendly, gluten-free and free from any listed allergens and artificial sweeteners.

Black Lion Vodka - £60

The UK’S rarest sheep’s milk vodka. This full-bodied and flavourful vodka is produced sustainably to create a crisp, clean and silky smooth finish. Like meltwater from the Matterhorn, this vodka is distilled using Cotswold Spring Water, designed to be experienced over ice at a temperature of -1°C.

Handcrafted in The Cotswolds, Black Lion Vodka is distilled using the milk of a rare crossbreed of sheep that graze on the fields of their family-owned farm. This rare and unique vodka explores warming tasting notes and subtlety of the mountain flower, Edelweiss.

By combing the techniques of making alcohol from sheep’s milk with the more traditional method of making a clean and smooth vodka, Black Lion has been able to develop an innovative vodka, using some of the rarest ingredients.


A true innovation by the iconic Cognac, LOUIS XIII. THE DROP’s vision is to be an icon for a new generation always on the move, spontaneous, and playful, who enjoys taking matters into their own hands and making things their own.

With THE DROP, the new generation is entrusted with the essence of LOUIS XIII in its purest form. Each bottle is a 1cl pristine blend of LOUIS XIII Cognac. THE DROP is available by the unit or in an exclusive box of five bottles. Each one is reflecting a spontaneous mood and mindset: Loud, Glow, Bold, Smooth and Bright. They pick and match a bottle with the mindset that best resonates with them, to then live the experience together with their tribe. Whenever and wherever they are. THE DROP can be carried with different shoulder strap colours, choosing what best fits their mood at the moment.

Beefeater Crown Jewel - £55.95

Embodying London’s timeless spirit, this modern reimagining of a rare gem takes inspiration from the famous jewels within the Tower of London to become the brand’s most sought-after gin to date.

An elevated version of Beefeater’s iconic London Dry Gin recipe, the re-imagined expression has a boldly heightened 50% ABV. This strength lifts the delivery of the ten botanicals, capturing the additional citrus notes from grapefruit peel, which is added to Beefeater’s iconic nine botanical recipes. Beefeater Crown Jewel is perfectly balanced with clarity of flavour and unmistakable depth that excites the palate through to the finish.

Mermaid Gin - £39.90

Founded by Xavier Baker & Conrad Gauntlett in 2014, the Isle of Wight Distillery is the island’s first and only distillery and the home of Mermaid Gin. Doing things differently, minimising waste and using ethically sourced and often local ingredients to craft a range of smooth, complex spirits.

Mermaid Gin has been hand-crafted on the Isle of Wight since 2014 using ten ethically sourced botanicals. Presented in a stunning eco-friendly bottle, Mermaid Gin is a smooth yet complex blend of fresh organic lemon zest, peppery notes in grains of paradise and a hint of sea air from fragrant rock samphire. Refreshing and invigorating.


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