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Asia's newest hotel brand Explorar Hotels & Resorts launches

Leading international boutique hotel group, The Pavilions Hotels & Resorts, has announced the launch of its new and highly anticipated hotel brand, Explorar Hotels & Resorts, with its first resort - Explorar Pawapi Koh Mook, opening this October, 2021. The inaugural 24 key resort sits on an unspoilt stretch of private sandy beach on the peninsula of Koh Mook Island in Southern Thailand's secluded province of Trang.

The name, 'Explorar' meaning 'Explore' in Spanish, was inspired by the heritage of one of the world’s first great explorers, Christopher Colombus, who first started traversing and uncovering new lands in the 15th century. Explorar Hotels & Resorts is aimed at the millennial traveller looking for a light-hearted space in which to socialise, make local connections, and enjoy easy, fun living whilst enjoying a meaningful experience that provides value to the community.

Offering modern day travellers the opportunity to explore and enjoy destinations from a vibrant, comfortable base, the Explorar crew is central to ensuring they get the most from their stay, utilising their local knowledge to ensure easy access for guests. The crew at each hotel or resort is a small and dynamic team of local experts who will work across multiple areas. The focus is on building relationships with guests and providing insight into the destination, and ensuring a hotel experience that is easy and uncomplicated, where everything is within reach. Explorar will offer hotels and resorts a new vibrant energy; 'The Exchange', a social space traditionally dedicated to a lobby or reception, is reinterpreted as somewhere to exchange information, to grab something to eat, a local snack or something more, and to talk about tales of adventures over a cocktail or local brew with other guests or one of Explorars' crew members.

Focused on creating a community and engaging socially with guests and the world through the website and social media platforms, Explorar hotels’ online exchange will be an organic forum that will allow guests to interact, gather information and ask questions, from recommendations on other hotels in the group to local restaurants.

Explorar Pawapi Koh Mook will provide guests with a genuinely untouched, quintessentially Thai island paradise experience. Bungalows and villas are located directly on the white sandy beach, with an open-air restaurant offering authentic Thai cuisine alongside creative culinary experiences. Guests will be spoilt for activities in the resort and adventures within the surrounding areas. Spa salas are dotted through the island landscape offering traditional Thai spa treatments to the soundtrack of the ocean lapping on the beach and the tall palm trees swaying in the tropical breeze. The lobby, or The Exchange, will house a pool of local knowledge via a 'Walls of Discovery', an old school place for guests to pin up their stories and experiences, in analogue form, for the next traveller looking to explore Koh Mook and create their own memories.

Koh Mook Island is one of Thailand's hidden gems. It lies between Trang and Krabi on the west coast of southern Thailand, providing panoramic views of the Andaman Sea, with Koh Lanta to its North and Koh Lipe to its South. Renowned for its Emerald Cave - where the only way to enter is to swim under dark limestone to reach a magical hidden and secret beach - it also allows visitors to participate in activities such as dugong observation and scuba diving in some of the clearest waters of the Kingdom.

Explorar Pawapi Koh Mook will open its doors to guests after an extensive upgrade on 01 October 2021.


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