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Naran - A bold entry into the world of hypercars

by Alexandra Hoffman

Ferrari, Ferdinand Porsche, Henry Royce and even Elon Musk all embarked on a vision to create the world’s finest automobiles – a young entrepreneur hoping his name will one day be mentioned amongst such luminaries is Ameerh Naran. A lifelong dream is about to come to fruition with the imminent launch of his own supercar brand – the Naran!

Automobile aficionados are a special breed of Epicurean, always on the hunt for the most thrilling ride around. In response to this urge, the world’s most desirable hypercar, the Naran, is set to be unveiled to an exclusive audience in August 2020. The 1048hp, V8-powered, all-wheel drive Naran coupé fulfils the dream of those who seek speed and elegance within a single automobile.

In the style of the most ardent automobile connoisseur, Naran explains, “This hypercar has been my driving ambition – no pun intended – since I was a child. My intention is not simply to create the most beautiful and thrilling cars in existence, but to inspire future generations to pursue their wildest dreams and demonstrate that with vision, passion and hard work, anything is achievable.”

With an exhilarating top speed that exceeds 230mph and a 0-60mph sprint time of just over 2 seconds, Naran’s first automotive venture is set to deliver the sort of performance that marks it out as a true hypercar and a must-have for the discerning Epicurean.

Ameerh is not only a visionary and entrepreneur – he is a realist. Thus, he assembled a team of the leading figures in the automotive industry to help him realise his dream. Hand-crafted in Germany, the Naran has been designed and engineered by a team built from the world’s leading automotive and motorsport talent.

The hypercar is now in the advanced stage of prototype development and the development team, led by former Jaguar Land Rover engineer Steve Pegg, has been instructed to deliver a potent driving experience with a front-engined 5-litre twin-turbo V8 delivering 1048bhp. Interest and excitement is building, especially for those who seek the ultimate thrill and the ultimate luxury in one of the world’s fastest cars. The Naran offers a truly rarefied experience as only 49 limited edition vehicles will be created, featuring bespoke design elements tailored to the driver and unique to the brand. Each automobile tells its own story with each element fitted to the exact specifications of its owner.

Before founding his eponymous hypercar brand, Ameerh Naran helped to reshape the private jet business while running further enterprises across the fashion and food sectors. Having proven his abilities in the worlds of luxury and speed, Naran’s hypercar promises the same standard of excellence for the aficionados of the open road. Imagine the style and exclusivity of a bespoke hypercar that meets the expectations of the most discriminating.

Ameer Naran and his hypercar lead the way for those seeking the ultimate happiness of a thrilling ride. Naran’s hypercar embodies truly exceptional characteristics of being both ‘brutal yet beautiful’. The pursuit of power and control while maintaining speed proves the ultimate performance and it is this performance that only the most discerning driver craves. If you seek the thrill of the open road and beautifully exclusive design, consider the Naran hypercar for your next adventure.

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