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Want to Book Your MOT Online? Here Is All You Need to Know

Is your MOT coming up and you're not sure how to go about booking it? Here is everything you need to know about the MOT test and how you can book yours online in good time before the expiry of your current certificate or the third anniversary of the registration of the vehicle.

What is the MOT Test?

The MOT test was introduced in 1960 when there was an explosion in car ownership almost at exactly the same time that older vehicles began to deteriorate and cause serious road accidents. The test is designed to ensure that all vehicles on the UK's roads are roadworthy and that, if involved in an emergency, they can steered to the side of the road and be safely stopped. The original test contained just three items: lights, brakes and steering – while today the list runs to over forty items, all considered vital to the safe operation of the vehicle.

What are the Benefits of the MOT Test?

The primary aim of the MOT test was to reduce the incidences of road accidents massively and it has succeeded. The UK ranks amongst the top three countries for road accident fatalities and is comfortably in the top thirty in the world for general road safety. It is reassuring for drivers to know that not only does their car have to be in good shape to hit the road, but that every other car does too. This collective peace of mind has resulted in the excellent safety record of the UK's roads which can largely be attributed to the MOT test ensuring that cars are roadworthy, while the UK driving test is known to be rigorous and in-depth, with the examiner ensuring that drivers are comfortable and confident, even in the busiest rush-hour traffic. The main benefit of MOT, you can say, is that it has literally saved thousands of lives over the years, with the number of people injured and killed on the UK's roads dropping to about half the 1960 statistics – despite road usage increasing a thousand-fold or more.

Essential Tips to Prepare for the MOT Test

If your MOT is coming up, you can get yourself and your car ready by running through the checklist and making sure that any of the smaller, easily fixed, items are ticked off: things like decluttering the car, making sure that the mirrors and numberplate are firmly attached and topping up oil, water and even your screen-wash reservoir. Knowing what to expect from your MOT is a great way to be reassured as to what will happen to your car during its MOT, so read up in advance. In this way, when it's time to book your MOT, you can trust Fife Autocentre for a professional, reliable, and convenient service.

Step-By-Step Process to Booking MOT Test Online

But how to actually book MOT? Many people eschew the telephone today, and it's often not possible to simply walk into a garage and ask for an MOT test to be done. The good news is that you can do it online, with the tap of a few buttons. Navigate to the 'book an MOT test' link, click on it, choose a date and time that suits you, and fill in a few details. Voila! You've done it, and all you need to do now is show up on the day, with your car and be prepared to wait for around an hour before you know if your car has passed the test.


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