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Ultra Luxe Travel - The House of DreamMaker

Gregory Patrick, A.K.A “The DreamMaker”, an experiential artist and pioneer in luxury travel design has announced their entry into the UK market. DreamMaker is a unique experiential luxury travel and event design boutique that delivers truly one-of-a-kind holidays for clients from the upper echelons who are looking for more than a requisite luxury.

DreamMaker is known for elevating the travel experience to an art form, in its special curation of trips that blur the line between fantasy, reality and reverie. Famed for its extravagant trip design offering, DreamMaker made headlines around the world for an expertly crafted never-done-before experience, entitled Passport to 50. Costing $13.75 million, it was the company's first private jet offering and the first private passage designed to circumnavigate the globe, covering 50,000 kilometres with 20 cities in just 20 days whilst managing a time ratio of 88% on the ground against 12% in the air.

The first global luxury services platform to accept cryptocurrencies, the expansion into the UK will help DreamMaker to source new estates for its “hotel-at-home” experiences, and allow the firm to boost and manage relationships with its British clientele. The move will also allow for the direction of elite modern-day butlers and their Managing Partners from a leading global financial hub.

“This month, we are celebrating our 35th year in business. When we started in 1988, the world was a very different place, but we stayed focused on our vision and managed to create many of the significant benchmarks in the luxury travel sector. We remained unswayed by trends or having to look over our shoulder, and our expansion into London will enable us to better serve our international clients with world-first experiences. We believe this move will help contribute to tourism in and out of the country and create new job opportunities for local residents.” said Gregory Patrick, Founder & Chief Creative Officer of DreamMaker.

Mr Patrick further stressed that the luxury travel industry has always been ripe for disruption and innovation. As far back as 1990, Patrick was credited as the first person to provide privately- owned estates, expertly staffed with butlers and chefs flown in to create that “hotel-at-home” feeling. One of these private estates included the Althorp estate of Diana, Princess of Wales, the only private offering in more than 500 years.

Predominantly DreamMaker serves members of the Young Presidents Organization (YPO), now consisting of more than 80% of its client roster. The firm is currently scaling, which requires going beyond referrals, and will soon launch its first-ever drive in marketing. During a time when the luxury travel segment was challenged, DreamMaker made a contrarian move to triple its staff in the pandemic which saw a boost in new employment and raised $1.8 million while the industry was in contraction.

‘Americana on 10 Wheels’, is a world-first ultra-luxe road trip in a 45-foot, $2.8M SuperCoach staffed by DreamMaker’s butler, private chef and a team consisting of a doctor, governess, video crew, experience manager and even a mechanic for the unexpected. Guests are immersed in a breathtaking journey throughout American history: featuring the best luxury ranches and lodges along the route, curated experiences and walk-on encounters with hand-picked expert guides and local storytellers that bring the Wild West to life.


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