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Track days - A dream gift for your child!

Your child could be the next Lewis Hamilton and it all begins with a track day! Children as young as 10 can drive a Porsche for incredibly great prices with

Prices for a junior race car blast start from as little as a mind-blowing £19. For this, youngsters get to drive a Porsche Boxster for three mind-blowing miles around a race circuit. £19 that will definitely last longer than any toy you may buy them and perhaps create a memory that will live forever.

Meanwhile, another adrenaline packed experience for juniors which still costs less than some widely available sweet-treats is a white-knuckle pro drift taxi experience for £25, which consists of three adrenalin filled passenger laps alongside a professional drift instructor.

Dan Jones, operations manager at, said: “Of course, we don’t want to stop kids enjoying their toys but we’re just highlighting what’s also available for about the same price or less.”

Adults wanting to join in on the fun can also experience getting behind-the-wheel of a supercar for a similar cost.

The secret supercar driving experience is just £29 and offers four laps of driving, plus sighting laps. Cars which might be driven include the awesome Lamborghini Gallardo, blistering Ferrari 458 or James Bond favourite Aston Martin.


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