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Top Features of the New Citroen Dispatch Van

We’re sure you’re already aware, that the new Citroen Dispatch offers a huge array of features designed purely to enhance your driving experience and/or business needs. Some of the main benefits include payload, comfort, safety and practicality, and we will explore these in more detail... 

There are several different types of Citroen Berlingos to explore, as well as exactly what each one of them can provide you with. Read on as we delve deeper into the world of Citroen fvans and all they have to offer. 

Different Types of New Citroen Dispatch Vans

The Citroen Dispatch is available in several different versions to cater to a variety of business and professional needs. Here are the main types of new Citroen Dispatch vans:

  1. Panel Vans: The standard form of the Dispatch, available in three lengths: Compact, Standard, and Long. These are designed primarily for cargo, offering different load capacities and lengths to suit various transportation needs.

  2. Crew Vans: These models combine the functionality of a traditional van with additional seating. The crew van configuration includes a second row of seats, allowing for the transport of more passengers while still providing ample space for cargo.

  3. Platform Cab: This variant offers a cab with a chassis or platform at the back, allowing for various modifications and customisations, such as a box body, tipper, or flatbed. It’s ideal for specialised work where modifications are necessary.

  4. Combi Vans: Offering more passenger-oriented configurations, combi vans are designed to carry people comfortably, making them suitable for shuttle services, taxis, or as a crew vehicle in passenger transport operations.

  5. Enterprise Versions: These are typically equipped with additional features aimed at businesses, such as improved infotainment systems, better safety features, and more comfortable seating. These models are often more tailored for professional use with features like satellite navigation, parking sensors, and air conditioning.

Each version of the Citroen Dispatch is designed to meet specific needs, from transporting goods efficiently in urban environments with the compact version to moving larger groups of people.

Functionality & Performance of New Citroen Dispatch

What Lengths Is The Citroen Dispatch Available in?

The generation of Citroen Dispatch originally came in three body lengths, but only ever one roof height. However, recently the shortest body length was dropped meaning the new Citroen Dispatch is now only available in M and XL. They do all though, come with twin sliding side doors. The load lengths of 2,510mm and 2,860mm correspond to load volumes of 5.3 and 6.1 cubic metres

Driving Experience of New Citroen Dispatch

When driving the new Citroen Dispatch, think of a smooth, comfortable, easy drive. The van has massive improvements to the handling and the ride in comparison to the version before it. The new Citroen Dispatch has a lower engine positioning, which in turn means it has a lower centre of gravity. The suspension on this van has also been improved, meaning it can deal with bumps and turns. 

Performance of the New Citroen Dispatch

The Citroen Dispatch offers a selection of four engines, ranging from 100 to 180bhp, each equipped with Citroen's BlueHDI technology that complies with the latest Euro 6.2 standards. These new generation Euro 6 BlueHDI diesel engines are celebrated for their industry-leading fuel efficiency and low CO2 emissions. Additionally, they offer low operating costs with impressive fuel economy figures reaching up to 53 mpg, positioning the Dispatch as a top contender in its class for economic performance. Regardless of the engine chosen, drivers can expect excellent fuel economy and enhanced driving enjoyment.

Citroen Dispatch Load Area & Capacity

As well as the varying sizes, side doors and roof height of the new Citroen Dispatch, you also have the option to have hands-free sliding doors, which automatically open when the keyholder waves a foot underneath the rear bumper.

Citroen Dispatch Interior

To enhance the space and adaptability of the Dispatch, Moduwork includes a load-through bulkhead and a foldable side passenger seat. In the XL version, the load length reaches up to 4 metres, accommodating longer items inside the van. The interior is cleverly designed to double as a mobile office. It features a central armrest with a swivelling table and an elastic retainer, perfect for holding your tablet or laptop securely. Additionally, there are numerous cup holders and storage pockets for convenience and organisation.

Convinced by the New Citroen Dispatch? We thought you would be. If you need further advice, or a friendly experienced team to talk to as you begin the journey to buy a new van, get in touch with Citroen Van Sales. Alternatively, browse their full range of new Citroen Dispatches here.


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