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The scent of Christmas abounds with floral artistry - Blooming Haus' fabulous wreaths

Blooming Haus floral engineers and discreet luxury brand 7 Over 7 have collaborated to co-create a seasonal festive wreath with a scented candle pairing - the perfect Christmas gift to lift the senses.

Inspired by ancient woodlands seeped in autumnal rapture, the collaboration is a juxtaposition between the rich tapestry of a grounding scent with the simplicity and beauty of nature and the perfection of its imperfections. It is a coming together of the senses to create an immersive experience; a celebration of floral artistry and transportive fragrance.

The Wreath

A cascade of intertwined woodland sprigs emerging with scatterings of delicate white moss and the remnants of autumn encased in carefully placed cotton flower stems. Adorned with wayward bristlecone pine and dried green citrus, the muted tones of the wreath are embellished with the vibrancy of dried chiltenpin peppers. Understated, minimalist, it is celebration of rich textures, subliminal tones and accents. Like little treasures uncovered on a walk through the woodlands, carefully bundled into a delicate keepsake.

The fragrance

Grounding Woods Character: Earthy, Spice

An ode to the elements of the earth. Soothing and uplifting Grounding Woods weaves notes of charred silver birch trees and oakmoss with an underlying signature of Indonesian patchouli to ground, quiet and soothe an anxious mind. An accent of essential oil from the cinnamon leaf holds a cleansing effect. An anti-viral, it is warming and stimulating to uplift and energise. Reassuring like a familiar embrace.

The combination of the wreath and scented candle is perfect for welcoming in the festive season with a warmth that is familiar and expressed through a work of art. A time to retreat, and reflect on the harvest of the summer and autumnal months, with a sense of abundance and gratitude.

The candle and wreath bundles are available to buy in two combinations with a smaller decorative wreath or a larger statement door wreath.


7 Over 7 and Blooming Haus have also partnered with the Treehouse Hotel London to host a series of intimate, socially distanced masterclasses bringing the best of mindful movement and creativity to help guests enter their own state of flow, where magic meets genius.

Led by the brand founders and surrounded by breath taking views of the London Skyline at the iconic location where Treehouse Hotel London is perched, guests are invited join in with a small group of people to move together through a guided flow meditation and wreath making masterclass – customising their creation with an array of natural and sustainable ornaments. They will enjoy the festivities with a flurry of seasonal treats, followed by brunch at Madera, Treehouse Hotel London.

These workshops will be conducted in small groups of up to 15 people who will be guided through the Blooming Haus approach of using artisanal methods while flowing together as a collective via the transportive power of scented candles and a unique guided meditation. Guests will learn the techniques needed to enter into a natural state of genius whilst also picking up some great tips for evocative winter décor.

Limited tickets available on the following dates: Friday 4th, Saturday 12th, Saturday 17th December 2020

Location: The Nest, Treehouse Hotel London, 14 – 15 Langham Place, London W1B 2QS

Cost: £150


At Home Masterclass

For those unable to attend the masterclasses at Treehouse Hotel London, 7 Over 7 and Blooming Haus are offering an exclusive WILD DIY wreath making and flow meditation masterclass to join from home.

The brand founders will be streaming live on Zoom from the Wildfood Café in Islington, encouraging participants to move together through a DIY wreath making masterclass, customising their creation with an array or natural and sustainable ornaments while enjoying a flurry of WILD seasonal treats. Participants will flow together as a collective with the transportive power of 7 Over 7 candles and a unique guided meditation.

Limited places are available on: Sunday 29th November 2020

Cost: £150 + delivery

A limited number of DIY kits are available to order now from:

Kits will be delivered to addresses in London on the morning of 29th November, with EcoFleet delivered by pedal. For those living outside of London, kits will be delivered on Saturday 28th November.


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