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The most luxurious holidays in the world revealed

Sometimes you just want to be pampered. When you’ve spent your time working for many months and the time comes to let your hair down, there’s a chance you want to go to the most luxurious and impressive place you possibly can and live the high life for a couple of weeks.

Everyone has a different idea of the perfect holiday. Maybe you love wildlife, maybe you’re into playing at casinos or maybe you just want to relax on some golden beaches for a couple of weeks. In this guide, we’re exploring some of the most luxurious holidays in the world. No roughing it and backpacking here, we’re talking about resorts and areas where you can live like royalty.

What makes a luxury holiday?

What makes a holiday so luxurious anyway? What’s the difference between a week in a caravan in Wales (no offence to Wales) and a week of living in some of the most amazing hotels?


●      Luxury hotels: This is definitely one of the crucial aspects of a luxury holiday. You want to be pampered and stay in a beautiful hotel, which may mean amazing views, excellent room service and a bed that feels like it was crafted by the gods. There are numerous luxury five-star hotels available where there are plenty of people to look after you.

●      Food: Most of us like to eat well when we’re on holiday, and that doesn’t just mean eating a lot of food, it means eating things that are more luxurious and delicious than usual. Some of the top destinations out there have Michelin-starred restaurants for people to enjoy.

●      Weather: This varies, and some people aren’t so bothered about the weather, but some people will always want to find somewhere warm and balmy to enjoy their holidays.

●      Entertainment: From casinos to cabarets, shows and safaris, there should be something to do if you wish to. That might not tempt you, as you may be intent on spending the week lazing by the beach drinking cocktails, but if you want to explore what the local area has to offer then it can be key.


Las Vegas

When we think of Las Vegas, we tend to think about one thing. The casino culture is something that can be enjoyed by people in Las Vegas, and many of these casinos are full of glitz and glamour, with amazing cocktail bars, places to relax and watch a show, and of course, plenty of slot games and table games. People who are often looking for new casinos and casino games on their mobile devices will likely find that the Las Vegas casino scene is well worth exploring. The Las Vegas Strip is a “bucket list” item for some.


Las Vegas is not just about casinos and also hosts some of the world’s most impressive shows. The recent development of The Sphere venue has shown that this is a city that has a lot of cultural importance.


Vegas also boasts some of the world’s most beautiful hotels and many five-star locations for people to enjoy the finer things in life. There are also some beautiful tasting experiences at the wineries and some of the best cuisine you can imagine.



Did you know that Antigua has 365 different beaches? That’s one for every day of the year. These are no ordinary beaches either, they are some of the cleanest, white sand beaches with stunning wildlife and amazing clear seas.


Antigua is known for its port area, and as it is somewhere that cruise ships often dock, the area of St. Johns has some brilliant restaurants and bars that cater for the cruise market. There are plenty of other resorts around Antigua too, including Jolly Beach, which is very appropriately named.


Antigua is warm all year around and the friendly, relaxed vibe is something we’ve come to recognize the Caribbean countries for. Antigua is also a hotspot for cricket, so people who want to go and watch England play can enjoy a sunny day watching cricket too.


New York

New York is a huge city, which means that it has some areas that aren’t so luxurious, but for those who aren’t afraid to splash the cash and explore the more affluent areas, there is plenty to do and see in the city.


Firstly, New York is iconic. Even if you have never been before, it is likely that you will know lots of the sites. You’ll want to do the touristy things, such as visiting Central Park and the Empire State Building, but if you want to live like a movie star or member of the royal family you can stay in one of many five-star hotels.


The nightlife and restaurants are also amazing for those who want to enjoy the food and drink in the city of New York. There are some of the most impressive bars in the world in the city and the service is impeccable.


Costa Rica

If you love nature and want to explore a place that is in touch with the natural world, then Costa Rica is definitely one of the places you should consider.


See sloths and turtles in their natural environment, watch monkeys explore the rainforest and travel around this stunning and unique country. The tropical nature of the country is matched by warm hospitality from the locals, and a lust for life. “Pura Vida” signs can be found all over the country and the locals really do know how to enjoy life. The hotels are built to be tropical paradises, and some of the best all-inclusive resorts in the world are found in Costa Rica, not to mention the amazing beaches and sunshine.


Italy (Lakes, Riviera)

Italian culture has become well-known all over the world. Things we associate with the country often revolve around luxury. High-end fashion, luxury cars and amazing food are just some of the things we think of when we talk about Italy.

You could spend a lot of years exploring Italy and still not see every luxurious hotel, restaurant and other location to explore. The passionate people are also incredibly proud of their country, which has a beautiful coastline, some of the world’s most beautiful and well-known lakes, and plenty of places to stay on a luxury holiday.


Italian holidays give guests the opportunity to travel around the country. Why not take in one of Italy’s historic cities and then hop over to the coast or some of the impressive lakes? Whatever you do, make sure you try out the stunning food, coffee and ice cream.


Okay, so we’ve listed some of the most luxurious holiday options in the world, but there are also a lot of other places that didn’t make our list. London is also a hotspot for amazing hotels, history and luxurious food, while those who want a natural holiday will find locations like Kenya and Malaysia amazing for seeing wildlife. If you want to see the historic wonders of the world, there are luxury options in Greece and Egypt that also allow you to take an amazing break in a stunning location. The good news is that we’re really spoilt for choice when it comes to holidaying.


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