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The Islands of Tahiti are selected to host the surf events of the 2024 Olympic Games

Tahiti Tourisme celebrates historical news: for the first time, The Islands of Tahiti has been selected as the host destination of the surf events of the 2024 Olympic games, one of the biggest sporting events on the planet. The famous wave of Teahupo’o will be the top surf spot of 2024 for surf athletes and the whole world.

Home to the best waves, Tahiti is a surfer’s paradise due to its position facing the full uninterrupted force of the South Pacific.

The mythical wave of Teahupo’o, located on the Peninsula of The Islands of Tahiti, present athletic and ideal surf conditions. The legendary surf spot of Teahupo’o is already part of the various surf spots which The Islands of Tahiti has to offer to both expert or novice surfers. Teahupo’o has extensive surfing locations with seven spots, within five miles of each other, where surfers go to catch the waves all breaking in different swells and winds.

Surfing, called horue in ancient times, holds an important place in Polynesian culture. This ancestral sport was part of the Mā’ohi kings favourite sports, they have always encouraged men and women to engage in its practice, either in standing-up or laying-down positions on wooden boards.

Water-sport activities and beautiful scenery are part of the assets The Islands of Tahiti has to offer travellers and the timeframe of the 2024 Olympic Games (July 26th to August 10th) also marks the beginning of the Humpback whale season in the destination, giving visitors the opportunity to admire the migration of these majestic mammals.


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