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The Interior’s House x de Gournay Shanghai

de Gournay is the powerhouse of hand-created wallpapers. The Interior’s House were delighted to furnish the new de Gournay, Shanghai showroom, both companies have shared values to help homeowners realise their dreams of a perfect interiors.

de Gournay embellished the Shanghai, showroom walls with a sweeping vista of Art Deco brilliance ‘Namban,’ Oriental inspired hand-painted wallpaper. Much like de Gournay, the artisans creating The Interior’s House furnishings are artists. The Interior’s House adorned the room with a custom made curved sofa in moss green to match the walls, brass coffee table, Bordeaux armchair and console.

In other imagery a white sofa, black coffee table and fluffy armchair can be seen. The greens of the sofa compliment without being too strong to take focus away, from the gilded sky of burnished gold wallpaper, through which a majestic flock of Cranes take flight. A high metal wood console and brass and marble coffee table in a coffee colour complement de Gournay’s fabulous wall coverings to create a seamless interiors look without overwhelming the interiors scheme or taking away from the wallpapers. Much like de Gournary, The Interior’s House strive for perfection and bring homeowners long-lasting happiness.

The Interior’s House fuses together fine design of Italy and London. The concept behind The Interior’s House is to make all design concepts, ideas, homes and dreams come true. Founded 2015 by Benedetta Dall’Olio and Matteo Carrara. Working with interior designers in London and internationally, The Interior’s House has delivered over 500 successful projects. Made in Italy furniture specialising in joinery, lighting, upholstery and furniture creating.

With a career history working for Dedar and Hermes, and connections with factories in Italy, the perfect combination. Each concept or piece of furniture from The Interior’s House is unique and exclusive, a fast team with a lead time of just 4-weeks from conception to delivery. The Interior House can deliver finely created furniture in the blink of an eye, so much faster when you think most normal lead times are around 12-weeks.


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