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The Food Obsessions - Chef's essentials for fine-dining

'The Food Obsessions' is a project created by Manchester based Chef Lukasz Przeorek who is using his social media platform to showcase fine-dining finesse from across the world in a bid to help raise awareness.

The project's goal is to not only promote fine-dining but to show that fine-dining is for everyone, and there's no better time than now for the power of social media to help keep the industry afloat.

With social media able to reach thousands of people the project posts images daily, collaborating with chefs and restaurants across the country. Lukasz explained why now more than ever people should be supporting the fine-dining industry, as it's more than just food but the whole culinary experience.

He said: "Our project has two instagram accounts The Food Obsessions and Restaurant Obsessions. We work with people from various types of fine-dining restaurants and showcase dishes and information about chefs, restaurant stories, and much more to give people a real taste of what to expect. People can be put off by fine-dining experiences thinking that it isn't for them, but there's a huge stereotype attached to it that you have to address a certain way or behave in a different manner."

While fine-dining restaurants may have different dress codes and different themes, the reason they are often more expensive than other restaurants is simply down to the amount of time, care, ingredients and creation that goes into every tiny detail.

"That's why we always say it's more than the food - it's the whole experience."

The Food Obsessions project has recently worked with Michelin Star chef Adam Handling, who spoke to the team about life as a chef and give a real insight into the world of fine-dining.

Adam told us: "Restaurants need to carry on doing what they're doing, there isn't much more the industry can do or give. Continue to serve great food, give people great experiences, and hope they continue to come back. If restaurants can afford to offer added-value deals or offers, I would advise it.

Restaurants are struggling but so are the people dining in them. Not every restaurant can afford to do that though, and that's totally understandable."

Lukasz, spoke more about his dream for the project, and added: "Photography and social media is a huge passion of mine, it will be amazing to create a big community on social media where I will be able to share my love of gastronomy and help chefs get inspiration and ideas to create their own dishes, helping the fine-dining industry to survive through these uncertain times."

The Food Obsessions is brand that provides the highest quality of kitchen tools. They offer specially selected products for professional use. All their tools are dedicated for chefs with a focus on both quality and aesthetic style. Below we select three of our favourite pieces from their collection:

The Food Obsessions "Passion" Premium Stainless Steel Rocher Spoon.

Ideal for delicate scoops of ice cream, giving your dessert a professional finish.

£50 for a set of two, available in three colours blue, gold and black.

The Food Obsessions Premium Stainless Steel Garnish Tweezers.

Excellent for adding the extra finishing touches to any dish - you can get creative with the tiniest detail.

Available in gold, black and blue, £20 or a set of two gold and black for £35.

The Food Obsessions Professional Premium Stainless Steel Spatula.

Favoured by chefs when it comes to deserts, the delicate spatulas can ensure that each piece of food is specially placed ensuring a smooth and clean finish for your dishes.

£55 for a set of two gold and black.


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