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Volkswagen - The Car of your dreams…

by Azzy Asghar

In my younger days I spent the entire Summer of 1983 working part-time at my friend’s fathers’ typewriter shop in Connecticut and in exchange for my toils he would give me zero cash but an old (and very rusty) 1969 VW bus. This was to be my first ever car and I couldn’t have been more excited.

Sure enough the summer passed and I was given the keys to drive my pride and joy home – a journey of 3 miles. En-route, the fuel pipe burst and caused an engine fire. I only had a can of Coke and being quite scared (and not very clever) I threw it all over the engine. Sure enough the fire went out but the engine was completely ruined.

I spent many weeks fixing it and learning all about car engines (mostly my elder brother did the fixing and I the passing of the tools!!).

Eventually the car ran and I loved it. I had huge (boyhood) dreams of fixing the dents, curing the rust and creating an uber-cool van that I would eventually drive to California! Of course, none of that happened but I drove the rust bucket for about 2 years and loved it passionately!

On the other end of the motoring scale – my bedroom wall was adorned with a poster of the Lamborghini Countach in red – oh to dream!

Anyway, many years later and to the present, I now have a successful business and some disposable income. The cars I dreamt about in my youth are nowadays showing up at car auctions. Some, of course, have sky-rocketed in value – like the Countach and, of course, my beloved VW Bus, but there are many cars that you could buy now that are about the same price as purchasing a new 2020 model Ford, VW or BMW!

To find these classic cars you should head to one of the country’s leading auctioneers - Classic Car Auctions.

Here you’ll not only find classics like a Ferrari 308 or indeed a 1967 VW Splitscreen, but many others that will not only be a joy to drive but also, hopefully, become a valuable asset.

Cars that featured in successful films and TV programmes tend to go on make that model famous and more valuable. The 1980s classic with Magnum PI with Tom Selleck driving the classic Ferrari 308 around Hawaii is one such example.

Classic Car Auctions are offering a glorious 1981 308 GTS presented in the classic colours of Rosso Corsa with Nero leather interior, this car was imported into the UK in 1997 where it has been beautifully looked after and maintained. This European specification car is in left-hand drive and was new to Holland and comes with a great history file.

Gary Dunne Classic Car Auctions Manager commented: “We always have a great selection of German engineering at its best, BMWs, Mercedes, Porsche, etc. – as well as Italian masterpieces!”

The Ferrari is estimated to sell for £32,000-£37,000, and has had a recent service at QV London. That is about the same price as a mid-sized 2020 Ford or a 2020 Baby Beamer! I know which I would choose – or perhaps I’ll bid on the VW Bus!!

Forthcoming Auctions

3rd October – CCA Autumn Classic Car Sale, Warwickshire Event Centre

12th December – CCA Winter Classic Car Sale, Warwickshire Event Centre

T: 01926 640888

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