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The best beauty gifts for the holiday season

The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to spread joy than with the gift of beauty? Whether you're shopping for a skincare aficionado, a makeup enthusiast, or someone who simply loves pampering themselves, there's a treasure trove of beauty gifts waiting to be discovered. We've selected a few of our favourite beauty gifts that'll make this festive season extra special.

Germaine de Capuccini - TIMEXPERT LIFT (IN) VECTOR LIFT SERUM AND SUPREME DEFINITION CREAM – Christmas gift box worth £200.50 / PRICE £160.40 

Germaine de Capuccini is an established premium brand, responsible for some of the most important breakthroughs in skincare technology and remains, to this day, one of the world’s most important skincare brands, holding true to its original values of professionalism, quality, innovation and integrity.

Vegan friendly, cruelty free. 


A powerful serum that works to lift, tighten and redefine the facial contour, packed with highly active ingredients and formulated to work from within the skin in the most dramatic way. Richer and more nourishing than a conventional serum, Vector Lift reinforces the mesh underneath the skin to add support and volume. Its light and refreshing formula lifts and tautens from inside the skin to become visible outside. After continued use, the face will appear re-sculpted and lifted with the appearance of pores reduced.



A deeply hydrating cream that tautens, firms and lifts the facial contour. Our first anti-ageing cream to contain Alpha-Gel Technology which forms a light film to protect and lift the skin from the first application. With continued use, the facial features are redefined, skin is tightened, and lines and wrinkles smoothed.

Rituals Classic Advent Calendar, £87.90

Treat yourself or someone you care about to the gift of excitement this holiday season as they discover the luxury gifts that lie behind each door of the brand-new Classic Advent Calendar. In 2023, this calendar is styled after our iconic flagship store House of Rituals. Countdown to Christmas and enjoy 24 gifts and 24 meaningful moments together.



  • Scent booster & softener in 1 Sakura 75ml

  • The Ritual of Mehr Body Mousse to Oil 30ml

  • Mini Candle Private Collection- Orris Mimosa 25g

  • Christmas Ornament Tassle

  • Amsterdam Collection Body Mist 20ml

  • The Ritual of Hammam Foaming shower gel 50ml

  • The Ritual of Namaste Anti-Ageing Serum 10ml

  • Elixir Collection Miracle Keratin Recovery Hair mask 20ml

  • Boutique Line Mehr- soap bar 25gr

  • Mini candle Private Collection- Savage Garden 25gr

  • The Ritual of Namaste Velvety smooth Cleansing Foam 30ml

  • The Ritual of Karma Hand Balm 20ml

  • Boutique Line Jing- bath & shower gel 30ml

  • The Ritual of Sakura Hand Balm 20ml

  • The Ritual of Karma Hydrating Hair & Body Mist 20ml

  • Rituals Sport 2-in-1 Shampoo & Body wash 70ml

  • Mini Candle Private Collection – Smooth Violet 25g

  • The Ritual of Namaste Wondermask 10g+ spoon

  • The Ritual of Sakura Body Scrub Cream 70ml

  • The Ritual od Ayurveda Rich Body Oil 30ml

  • The Ritual of the Dragon shower foam 50ml

  • The ritual of Jing Body Cream 70ml

  • The Ritual of Karma Shimmering Body Oil 30ml

  • Mini Candle Private Collection – Wild fig 25g


Irene Forte Skincare - Phytomelatonin Rejuvenating Serum, £225 for 15ml

35 years of natural skincare research by Dr. Francesca Ferri has culminated in the launch of this breakthrough serum with Alpine Plant Melatonin. This radical step forward in natural skincare has been shown in independent clinical trials to visibly minimise signs of skin ageing. Amongst others, wrinkle volume, brown spots and pore visibility showed significant decreases after just four weeks. Remarkably, this product can achieve this potent effect without simultaneously causing signs of skin distress. Indeed in the trials, red and blemished areas significantly decreased; and dermatological testing has even approved this serum for sensitive skin.


Since the discovery of phytomelatonin in 1993, Dr. Ferri’s research has shown that it has a fundamental role in plant cells, most notable promoting growth, responding to stressors (such as viruses and UV radiation), delaying biological ageing and regulating oxidative processes. Dr. Ferri’s work with her team at the University of Calabria, has shown the same sort of fundamental regulatory activity in human skin cells. Her work shows that phytomelatonin can significantly affect the viability of skin cells and can re-regulate biochemical processes that stressors like age and ultraviolet exposure have knocked out of balance. Imbalances that cause changes that we witness at the tissue level as skin ageing.In recognition of this work, Dr. Ferri has been awarded the Italian equivalent of a knighthood for her research into the effect of phytomelatonin on the mediators of skin ageing.

La Prairie - Platinum Rare Haute-Rejuvenation Mask

Inspired by invasive facial rejuvenation procedures, Platinum Rare Haute-Rejuvenation Mask is a needle-free 2-step rejuvenating night treatment to recharge and reactivate skin cells for re-plumped, resurfaced skin. Powered by a patented, macro-infusion technology which permeates the skin barrier to deliver high-molecular hyaluronic acid and collagen directly into the skin, £1,388.

RéVive - Fermitif Chin Contour, £81 for a pack of 6


The first of its kind in the luxury skincare market, this innovative, contouring multi-peptide mask instantly tightens and de-puffs the chin, jawline, and neck. Wear the mask securely around the jawline for only 20 minutes to help sculpt, tone, and define neck and facial skin to look firmer, lifted, and more youthful,

Glow Recipe - Avocado Ceramide Recovery Serum, £41

 Stressed skin appears in many different forms, like hyperpigmentation, redness, uneven texture, and breakouts. This skin saviour has a milky, lightweight formula that cocoons sensitised skin in a protective, healing layer of powerful actives, including nourishing avocado extract and butter, strengthening ceramides, and calming allantoin and rice milk. This powerhouse of ingredients results in a stronger skin barrier with zero irritation or redness!


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