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Stunning design and performance, the new Beoplay H95 headphones

Always aiming to innovate and create truly iconic designs, the Danish pioneer of sound has created a product that beautifully combines eye-catching design and show-stopping performance to celebrate its 95th anniversary.

A combination of exceptional adaptive active noise cancellation, incredible comfort, sleek design, and outstanding sound performance makes H95 the perfect luxury travel companion for first-class globetrotters. Synonymous with exceptional design, craftsmanship, and attention to minute detail,

Bang & Olufsen has crafted the headphones using luxurious metal and fabrics to deliver an ultra-premium product in both build-quality, long-lasting comfort, and elegant style. Equipped with high-quality titanium drivers tuned to Bang & Olufsen’s signature sound, the H95 will also deliver a top-level immersive audio experience when traveling, £700.


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