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Spiral Cellars – Make the staircase a showcase!

Gone are the days of hiding your collection of fine wines in a murky old cellar. The smart-set are using interior-design specialists to help them showcase their collections and allow easy access.

Enter the Spiral Cellars - the UK’s leading provider of luxury wine storage, having created beautiful wine cellars for almost 4,000 wine-loving customers. This innovative design studio has been helping their customers for 40 years and still remains privately-owned.

Spiral Cellars crafts and installs a range of cellaring options, from premium wine cellars to beautifully hand-crafted wine rooms. They understand the complexities involved with cellaring wine and have the know how to create the optimum climatic and environmental conditions in which to keep it. They pride themselves on their personal approach - designing and installing the right cellaring solution to meet your needs, depending on capacity requirements, the your personal taste and style, space and budget.

They offer the broadest and most sophisticated range of wine storage solutions on the market, with a range including luxury capacity underground wine cellars, beautifully hand-crafted wine rooms, statement wine walls and elegant freestanding wine cabinets.

The company has now released their ‘Assisted Kits’ and ‘Design-Only Services’ to allow customers to benefit from their cellaring knowledge and design-expertise, whilst still being able to use an independent installation team of their choice to install / build their wine space. Not only does this make access to a luxury Spiral Cellars product more affordable than ever, but for those who already have a build team on-site, it also makes slotting the cellar build into the scheduling of the wider project a lot easier. The new services mean home-buyers and home-renovators alike can install the Spiral Cellar product of their choosing, but save money on the installation cost.

Spiral Cellars can create the ideal cellaring solution to meet a range of clients’ needs, depending on capacity requirements, their personal taste and style, space and budget. The range includes:

  • Spiral Cellars – fitted into the ground under any ground floor room and can be installed in less than seven days, a Spiral Cellar provides the perfect cellaring conditions and a stunning design feature. Naturally ventilated and capable of storing up to 1,900 bottles. From £20,609 to £80,000

  • Spiral Cellar self-build “Kits” – The price of a Spiral Cellar Kit varies dependent on the chosen cellar depth, model and door option but start upwards from £20,609. A Spiral Cellar Assisted-Kit starts from £23,108.

  • Design-only service – Wine Rooms – For the first time in the company’s 40-year history, Spiral Cellars is offering clients unique access to its team of seasoned design experts to design them a tailored wine cellar without insisting that they also manufacture and install. With its bespoke Design Service, Spiral Cellars is presenting clients with freedom to choose an independent company of their choosing to install their Spiral Cellars designed wine space. As part of the service, Spiral Cellars will create a highly detailed set of plans ready for the client to pass on to their own build team, that includes recommendations on fittings, finishes and specific materials. Clients engaging this service know that with Spiral Cellars’ unrivalled experience in the cellaring field, the resultant wine room will not only look beautiful, but will be fit for purpose – from correctly sized individual bottle compartments to appropriately spec’d climate controlled ducting and unit capacity. The price of the design-only service varies dependent on project, starts from £5,000.


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