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Refrigeration – MyStyle is Your Style

Liebherr is launching its MyStyle self-design concept giving you the freedom to not only choose the base model’s colour and interior layout, but to also style the exterior uniquely to your taste.

Thinking hard about simplifying the process of customisation, Liebherr has developed an intuitive online configurator so customers can choose their favourite colour from a rich colour palette, put lettering and patterns on the appliance, with plain colours finished in a brushed effect and even use their own favourite photographic images to shout out about their style and individuality.

Liebherr has been clever in understanding changes in preferences in interior design, fashion and culture and has given customers the power to express their own individuality and creativity through their refrigerator. MyStyle can literally make an appliance the focal point of a living space drawing the attention of you, your family, and visitors to your home. If you want subtle colour, personal messaging or a huge wow factor the MyStyle concept is for you. This freedom to express creativity is available across a broad range of Liebherr appliances to match the space and feel of anyone’s home.

With a range of appliances ready for customisation, you can be as bold with the external design as you want, or you can stay focussed on simple style and elegance. Inside the appliance you will get all the hallmark Liebherr cooling technology that the brand has built its reputation on. That goes from big family fridge-freezers to ‘mini-fridges’ that are perfect for personalising any small space, how many features you have depends on the model you opt for.

As part of the MyStyle concept Liebherr puts the customer at the heart of new technical innovation, outstanding energy efficiency, minimal noise levels and intelligent design features for their next generation of refrigerators and fridge-freezers allowing them to get the most from their lifestyle.

MyStyle customers will be able to choose from a range of technology features like BioFresh, NoFrost, BluPerformance and DuoCooling that keep the contents of their amazing looking appliance fresh and optimally cooled.

There are a variety of innovations combining design and functionality that make life easier and more convenient. All features have been specifically designed to meet customer needs. Liebherr sees the MyStyle refrigerator as much more than just an appliance. It should be a reliable partner that aids, thinks for itself, takes over tasks and helps make work easier. Liebherr asked themselves at the beginning of the development project for their latest appliances: How can we make our them even more efficient, intuitive, and contemporary?

Liebherr provides the answers to this question whether it is a basic or high-end appliance: All new models are full of smart features and are of the highest quality. That is because Liebherr, as a traditional family-owned company, stands for longevity and sustainability. High-quality materials that are the basis of every single appliance. Even the smallest details meet this high-quality standard. Before Liebherr approves a door hinge, for example, it must undergo at least 100,000 opening cycles. That’s the equivalent of more than 15 years of use. Liebherr wants its customers to enjoy their appliances for a long time.

And there is even more freshness in the new refrigerators in the wider Liebherr range: for example, the IceMaker, which produces up to 130 ice cubes a day, an ample amount for cocktails, smoothies, and parties. Another innovation in the fully integrated appliances is the InfinitySpring, a water fountain in the fridge that provides filtered cold water at all times.

Liebherr also sets high standards in terms of noise levels with some of the appliances in their full range only emitting 29 dB(A) of noise, meaning that they can be labelled as class A, the highest noise reduction category. This makes them barely perceptible, even to noise-sensitive ears. As kitchen spaces are increasingly merging with living areas, this is an important advantage that is becoming more and more relevant in modern living concepts.

Offering a lot in terms of innovation from technology the new MyStyle appliances still deliver Liebherr’s devotion to energy efficiency and have top ratings. Due to new measurement procedures and calculation methods, the values of the old energy label are no longer comparable with the new values. Liebherr have been manufacturing particularly energy-efficient refrigerators for many years, and the latest range of fully integrated appliances with the new label also consistently achieve top ratings – up to class B.

The MyStyle appliances are smart home ready with all models connectable to a WiFi network later via a SmartDeviceBox (either included or as an optional accessory). Customers can use the Liebherr SmartDevice app to integrate their refrigerator quickly and conveniently into an existing smart home environment through a device like Google Assistant.

Knowing that sometimes we all like to be a bit different, and perhaps prefer things in a certain way, Liebherr’s MyStyle also creates possibilities to change the interior design of each appliance. You can choose different shelving, accessories, lighting solutions and even have a glass door on selected models.

If you have got a favourite photograph, colour combination, or you want to create your own artwork then this can be encapsulated in a ‘skin’ design that can be put onto the appliances in just a few steps. Every appliance configured in this way is unique and produced according to each customer's individual requirements.

Learn more about Liebherr and the MyStyle appliances here.


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