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Recipe: Fauchon l'Hotel's famous French Truffle Pasta Riso

The Grand Café Fauchon Restaurant is truly the only one; the only spot in Paris which is a rendezvous not just of Parisians, but also of Parisian ideals. Try your hand at making their famous French Truffle Pasta Riso at home.


80g Pasta riso

60g Butter

40g White onions

30g White wine

12g Fine salt

5g Ground white pepper

1 litre Vegetable broth

1 bunch Spring onion

30g Mascarpone

¼ litre Vegetable milk (or soy or almond alternatives if required)

6g Black melanosporum truffle (chopped and shavings)

6g Old Comté (preferably aged for 14 months)

2g Fleur de sel (flower of salt)

3g Chervil (or small chard shoots of French parsley or watercress)

2g Fauchon olive oil (or any good olive oil you may already have at home)


1. Cooking the riso:

Chop the white onions and sweat them in butter without colouring

Add the riso and coat in the fat, as you would for a risotto

Season with fine salt and pepper

Add the hot vegetable broth and gradually cook the risotto (for approximately 11 mins)

Drain the pasta rice, reserving the cooking broth

Once cooked, spread the riso in a plate and fork it lightly to cool it. Top tip: this avoids the pastas sticking

Preparing the spring onion:

Chop the white and the green of the spring onion finely


To prepare the truffle, peel and keep the trimmings

Finely chop the trimmings

Mandolin the prepared truffle and carve 5 regular shavings

2. Second stage with the Vegetable broth:

Reduce the reserved vegetable broth by half by simmering

Add the milk of your choice and 30 gr of butter, bringing it to a simmer and cook for approximately 3 minutes

Adjust the seasoning to your liking and then mix together with the cooked pasta rice. Remove from the heat. Top tip: the riso must be smooth

Cut the Comté cheese into fine slices and then triangles Top tip: do not slice them too thick or they will not melt evenly

3. Finishing the riso:

Add the chopped spring onion, chopped truffle, mascarpone and adjust the seasoning

Place the riso in a deep plate and scatter the truffle and old Comté shavings in the center. Then add the chervil / parsley / watercress according to availability and season with olive oil


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