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Photographer Adrian Houston launches new collection of bespoke murals and large-scale art pieces

Determined to highlight how trees connect us all on a universal level, photographer Adrian Houston’s acclaimed retrospective, A Portrait of a Tree, succeeded in reaching, and indeed surpassing, his original goal. Now a whole new audience is set to be introduced to these powerful and extraordinarily beautiful images as Eclipse puts them centre stage in an exclusive and bespoke new collection of luxury murals and art pieces.

Adrian spent several years photographing trees that held a very special meaning for a diverse group of individuals, among them actresses Joanna Lumley and Goldie Hawn, Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason and Sir Richard Branson. Locations included Madagascar, Ibiza, France and the UK.

Now captured in this stunning series, the magnificence and atmosphere of each tree will create a stylish and dramatic statement for both contemporary and period properties.

It was back in the 1700s that wallpaper was first used as a replacement for tapestries and taken as a sign of great wealth. Since then it has been viewed as a timeless luxury interior design item, adding a distinctive look and feel to a home. This ephemeral collection will similarly transform any space.

Says Adrian Houston, “Wall decoration has always been an important medium for communication and information. From prehistoric times onwards, it has served to educate as well as enhance the living space. I am delighted that my tree portraits will carry on this time-honoured tradition.”

Added Graham Hayhurst, MD of Adrian Houston Art: “Adrian Houston enjoys a global reputation as a photographer who sees the natural world from a very personal perspective. His powerful photographs serve as a timely reminder of the contrasts our world offers and the importance of preserving them. We are delighted to have the opportunity to translate this iconic artwork into large scale decorative murals.”

Employing the latest technologies and the skills of its in-house design team, Eclipse will ensure the murals remain true to Adrian’s original vision.

In line with Adrian’s own eco-friendly ethos, the electronic print process reduces plastics and solvent emissions found in more traditional printing processes. In addition, the use of non-woven material significantly reduces the use of paper and consequently the natural wood products required to make it.

The Portrait of a Tree Collection will be produced to customer bespoke dimensions as limited edition of 50 prints.

The murals start at £330 per square metre. Art pieces measuring three metres by two metres are priced at £9,000.


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