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Party like Champagne Charlie with Charles Heidsieck's release of the Champagne Charlie 1985 Jeroboam

The ‘Champagne Charlie’ Party’ on Tuesday 19th October celebrated the release of Charles Heidsieck’s ‘Collection Crayeres’ hosted by Chef de Caves Cyril Brun at Woods Quay.

Featuring a selected menu by New-Orleans born Chef Slade Rushing (Executive Chef at Louie London). The jazzy afternoon celebration featured a tasting of the legendary Champagne Charlie 1985 cuvée in Jeroboam (3L) which has never been released before.

What is Collection Crayères?

Collection Crayeres is a series of very exclusive and limited releases of Charles Heidsieck’s prized ‘œnothèque’ wines – older vintages held back in the House’s Gallo-Roman chalk cellars, where time, like a ‘fourth varietal,’ unlocks the full potential of these remarkable wines. Each year, Charles Heidsieck releases a very exclusive selection of these vintage champagnes, and this is the fifth edition of Collection Crayeres.

Champagne Charlie 1985

The House’s prestige cuvée from 1979 to 1985, the ‘Champagne Charlie’ cuvée was named for the House’s enigmatic founder. The origin of the term comes from Charles Heidsieck himself, who earned the moniker when he travelled to America, popularising champagne there with his remarkable champagnes and dazzling character. The magnificent 1985 vintage was the final release of Champagne Charlie – discontinued when Remy-Cointreau purchased the House.

These rare treasures, Jeroboams of ‘Champagne Charlie’ 1985 from the Charles Heidsieck Crayeres were previously unknown and have never before been released. Charles Heidsieck’s Chef de Caves found these unlabelled and unrecorded jeroboams tucked away in one of Charles Heidsieck’s many crayeres. Thinking these were from the 1983 vintage, the team were amazed to discover that these were previously unknown jeroboams of Champagne Charlie 1985, and further amazed to discover the outstanding quality of these remarkable bottles.

The limited release of these vinous treasures offers wine lovers and collectors a unique opportunity to experience a legendary cuvée, aged perfectly in Charles Heidsieck’s 2000 year old cellars for more than thirty years.


Champagne Charlie 1985 Jeroboam – RRP £4850

1981 Brut Millésimé bottle – (RRP £445) Magnum (£1200) & Jeroboam (£2710)

1981 Blanc de Blancs bottle – RRP £615


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