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One HEL of an art experience - The Helsinki Biennial

For those of you who have ever considered emigrating to somewhere for a new beginning or a change, it may interest you to know that Finland was recently voted as the happiest place to live on Earth – for the second year running! And this summer there will be another great reason to visit the beautiful country of Finland – The Helsinki Biennial!

This is the first biennial to be hosted in Helsinki and will held this summer in the area of Vallisaari Island, just 20 minutes by boat from the capital’s Market Square.

The Helsinki Biennial is an international art event that will bring the best of the contemporary art world to maritime Helsinki in June 2020. The first of its kind in Finland, the show will be held in the unique surroundings of Vallisaari Island. The Biennial will showcase around 35 artists and groups of artists from both Finland and around the world. Vallisaari island is located between the open sea and the urban landscape of Helsinki and visitors will be able to view artworks outside along the cobbled paths, inside the historical buildings, gunpowder cellars and now empty residential buildings. The exhibition is based on sustainability and responsibility with the main theme being interdependence: every action and thing has an impact on something else and supports the whole.

Visit Finland - Helsinki

How: The Helsinki Biennial is free to attend and is on from 12 June – 27 September 2020 .

Fly to Helsinki with Finnair from London Heathrow, Manchester, Edinburgh and Dublin with fares from £124.


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