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Natural inspiration from Liebherr’s new integrated appliances

Liebherr’s new fully integrated refrigerator appliances have taken inspiration from the nurturing mists that cover California’s Salinas Valley vineyards to cut food waste and naturally keep fruit and vegetables in pristine condition.

“We haven’t reinvented the refrigerator. But we almost did.” Liebherr launches its new range of fully integrated appliances with this bold slogan showing customers what they can expect: A variety of innovations combining design and functionality that make life easier and more convenient. All features have been specifically designed to meet customer needs. “For us, a refrigerator is more than just an appliance. It should be a reliable partner that aids, thinks for itself, takes over tasks and helps make work easier. That is why we asked ourselves at the beginning of the development project: How can we make our appliances even more efficient, intuitive, and contemporary?” says Steffen Nagel, Managing Director of Sales & Marketing at Liebherr-Hausgeräte GmbH.

Liebherr provides the answers to this question in four series, on a scale from Pure, Plus, Prime and Peak. Whether it is a basic or high-end appliance: All new models are full of smart features and are all of the highest quality. That is because Liebherr, as a traditional family-owned company, stands for longevity and sustainability. This comes from solid ‘Made in Germany’ high-quality materials that are the basis of every single appliance. Even the smallest details meet this high-quality standard. “Before we approve a door hinge, for example, it must undergo at least 100,000 opening cycles. That’s the equivalent of more than 15 years of use. As you would expect we want our customers to enjoy their refrigerators for a long time,” explains Nagel.

The new HydroBreeze function means that each time the door is opened, the fruit and vegetables in the BioFresh safe are covered with a fresh, cold mist that spreads over the produce like a protective balm. This gentle layer of moisture, combined with a temperature of just above 0 °C, increases the surface tension and preserves the structure of the food. In a nutshell reducing food waste.

And there is even more freshness in the new refrigerators, for example, the IceMaker, which produces up to 130 ice cubes a day, an ample amount for cocktails, smoothies, and parties. Another innovation in the fully integrated appliances is the InfinitySpring, a water fountain in the fridge that provides filtered cold water at all times.

Liebherr also sets high standards in terms of noise levels with some of the appliances only emitting 29 dB(A) of noise, meaning that they can be labelled as class A, the highest noise reduction category. This makes them barely perceptible, even to noise-sensitive ears. As kitchen spaces are increasingly merging with living areas, this is an important advantage that is becoming more and more relevant in modern living concepts.

Offering a lot in terms of innovation from useable technology the new appliances still deliver Liebherr’s devotion to energy efficiency and have top ratings. “Due to new measurement procedures and calculation methods, the values of the old energy label are no longer comparable with the new values,” explains Steffen Nagel. “As we have been manufacturing particularly energy-efficient refrigerators at Liebherr for many years now, the latest range of fully integrated appliances with the new label also consistently achieves top ratings – up to class B.”

The new fully integrated appliances are ‘smart’ with all models either network-ready or connectable to a WiFi network later via a SmartDeviceBox. Customers can use the Liebherr SmartDevice app to integrate their refrigerator quickly and conveniently into an existing smart home environment through a device like Amazon’s Alexa.

Thanks to the multitude of new and enhanced features the fully integrated appliances from Liebherr are true all-rounders that not only reliably keep food fresh, but also offer more convenience in everyday life. At the same time, they are economical and sustainable.


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